Monday, May 30, 2011


Last night, i slept early. around 8 pm. it was because i had headache. my headache always worst.
and oh, i had pain killer again last night *sorry ada, i just cant live without pain killer -_-'

There were people sending me messages. Obviously, i was stupid because didnt even silent my hp.

Headache, it will be better if you take a really long sleep without wake up in such interval. It will just make your head feel worst. Lesson learnt, beb, do silent your hp.

At 10:22 pm. someone sent me message. I was like, OMG, who the hell is it sending a message at this time, this late.

I wasnt able to open my eyes, struggling to do so.

It was RSSR , it was been a month we didnt contact each other.

The messages were about to seek apologize for everything that happen.

You know, to be truth, i never feel that everything that happen was his fault.

It was totally mine from the very beginning. I wish i could erased the phrase ' blaming myself ' in his heart. I am the cruel one to make him as some kind of person who will actually forget my past. duuhhh!

The pain that i gave even took almost all of his gut to face me. make him walked away in pain.

I wish i could say to him, you never do anything wrong, its me, so dont try to come back even as a friend, i'm afraid you'll be hurted even deeper.

I am sorry RSSR

I just hope he'll have a happy live. hope that he'll never be infront of my eyes again. Its not because i hate him, its because i'm afraid that i'm going to hurt him again and again.

" You are always HER, but i can never be HIM "

I fall in love to someone that i know will never be able to love me back. maybe this is the
' what goes around comes around ' for me. Its cliche isnt it? but it do make sense.

Oh yeah. i'm preparing myself to leave. a promise, will always a promise. i surely will fullfill it.

Ciri - ciri munafik :
  • Bila berkata-kata ia dusta
  • Bila berjanji ia mungkiri
  • Bila diberi amanah ia khianati
  • Bila bergaduh ia berlebih-lebihan
* sekadar perkongsian.

Lets change ourselves to be a better muslims and muslimahs peeps.

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Nini Hartini said...

10.22 tu waktu mata akak segar-bugar lagik tau. hehehehe...

eh yatt, kalau akak lah dah tido letak bom kt sebelah pun tak tentu bangun. hehehehe..apatah lagi setakat bunyik msg. heehehehe... kuat betul pendengaran yatt eh.

jgn salahkan diri sendiri yatt. cinta tak boleh dipaksa. kalau yatt dgn dia tp hati pd someone yg yatt cinta, tak guna kan? ibarat mempermainkan dia.