Saturday, September 22, 2012

Take care husband. Be safe onboard. InsyaAllah. Till we meet again on December

Oh, long distance relationship isnt really easy. isnt really easy.
I'm husband-sick again -_-

* continue with biochemistry.

Blog mungkin terabai.
Dah bukan mungkin, ye, mmg akan terabai.
take care dear bloggers. will write again. perhaps when i get pregnant.*oh tah bila.
Haha so there will be a story to be told.

Now just having a hectic life , while trying to adapt medical school life, and this long distance marriage.
Still adapting, still trying to be familiar with everything.
Still trying to accept and digest the facts.

The surrounding, the status, the environment, the this and that.

sometimes i really want to complain about EVERYTHING *mmg da complain kt big bos, TAPI!

he said, stop complaining, be grateful for having what others dont have, try to adapt and accept.
this is the path that i chose.
no one force me, but i want to be in this path.

Betulkan niat,

Take care :)

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