Sunday, September 30, 2012

My mother :')

She supposed to come here today. To send particular things to me.
Sebab Allah nak uji, she was in really bad condition last night.
Keep vomiting and diarrhea. and early in the morning, she called me,
saying sorry sebab xdapat datang, xlarat.

I was really worried, despite on sedih sebab xdapat jumpa. She even made me cupcakes for my growing up days which few days more.
Tapi perasaan risau is overwhelmed semua benda.
I wish i could go back home sekrang jugak. To actually know her condition. Tapi, saya xde lesen -_-

My sister called and saying that, she urge to come here now.
I was like, in that condition? in the bad condition? will she be able to withstand such condition as she told me that she cant really stand still.
so i called her,
paksa xpayah datang, paksa pergi atleast to klinik.

See, she is my mother, i know she feel bad because didnt able to come here.
Tapi, Ya Allah sebaknya. Sebab, in such condition, for me, she forced herself to come.
Inilah masanya emosi menguasai diri.
This is the time i need my husband the most,
the time where i know he will be a companion, soothing me in such sweet and calming words.
but to realize that he isnt there is another thing. but i believe he'll do his everything to make me okay.

This is the moment where you have to be tough on your own.

To actually not able to do anything for the one who whole heartedly doing everything for you is the saddest part.

but all i can do is, telling her that i am seriously okay. despite the worried-ness that overwhelmed my mind. To act cool, not even a bit sadness so that she wont feel guilty, she wont forced herself to come, she wont feel bad for not coming. 

being tough is sometimes not even an option, its a must.

Get well soon, ma :)
iloveyou, always.

not even husband-sick, but its parents-sick now.

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ATHRHB said...

tahniah husna, finally married on early age. rasa macam baru je hbis sekolah sama2.
opss. im athirah bahrum. kawan sekolah agama petang actually.
wish you happy always :)