Thursday, June 21, 2012


Assalamualaikum readers :)
Alhamdulillah, i've gone through hectic week with success (?) ye ye je.

Sometimes i do feel burdened with UNGS, basically we have 3 subjects, and obviously, the topics arent that easy. and shamelessly me, think that they are easy -_-
I just have to go to the classes, and then pufffff exam.

Ethics and Fiqh for everyday life -
Every week is assignment week. He wont teach you, but YOU have to teach everybody. All he knows is enter the class and ask you some questions after you've done the presentation. How cool isnt it?
Yeah, i am the lecturer now, i should change my profession -_-
This is a serious BIG problem.

Islamic Worldview -
This is so much interesting, no midsem, BUT, the assignment send me speechless.
He wants 2 payyperrss of copies of my conversation with a non-muslim.
Bahasa mudah : Sila buat that non-muslim convert to muslim.
*tapi, as the duration of this course is just 2 months, we have to send the copies on 20th July, so he said, its okay just communicate with that non-muslim about Islam.
Haih, such a big responsibility kan?kan?kan? tapi! siapa berani tolak assignment ni bila dalil dalam Quran pun seru umat Islam besarkan empayar dan bilangan umat Islam.
Hameeeeekk~~ otokaeeee
nak cari siapakah? Ya Allah, permudahkan lah.

Civilization -
Lecture xmasuk kelas lagi. Cool.

Yes, UNGS arent easy, with foreigner lecturer, giving you headaches. and, the way them talk, i seriously need time to understand what exactly they are trying to say.

Life as a degree student isnt easy baby! No more spoon feeding, no more love from the teachers. Sobs.
Totally on my own, even the notes, i've to find it myself. Luckily, i have a very great roommates. They help me alot :)

and to this lady, thank you very much for accompanying me yesterday. I was in a very bad headaches after coming back from the library. And at night we supposed to have a talk with seniors. But she act, give up the talk, and accompany me. What should i say more, *terharu!
Ya Rabb, thank you for sending me this angel :)

Sem 1 :)
Sem 2 :)

Sem 3 :)

Sem 4 :)
and the latest,will be uploaded soon. InsyaAllah, will treasure her much and badly after this. 
Iloveyou nur farah syuhada mohamad :) InsyaAllah, till my last breathe bestfriend.
Oh, also to my roommates, thankyou for the care. Sesi mengenal hati budi lagi. I believe, they are great in person :)

Something that i cant resist.
It is just too beautiful.
Though mine is simple, but its okay :)

Doakan kami semua bakal doktor. InsyaAllah. This is tough, tapi, kalau sister kat Main campus boleh have two babies, and now in 4th year, kenapa kami yg belum ade tanggungjawab xboleh kan?
See how she manages her life, between babies, husband, and study. huhu.

Doakan 'kami', juga :)
I let you go, for that responsibility, and to build ourselves so we will be prepared. I hope you'll return, soon.

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