Monday, June 18, 2012

Live from Gombak

Alhamdulillah, this is the 3rd day i am at UIA Gombak, i should have class now, but has been cancelled. My first class has been cancelled. This is a great torture of boredom. Seriously, this is non-like bored-ness that i always feel during the holiday. It is indescribable. * boleh pengsan sebab bosan bhs hiperbolanye * ^^

So Gombak is really full of boredom, luckily i have this to snatch snatch whatever i see.

My mum bought me this, thank you ma.
Although it is not a DSLR, but, i satisfied with just this.
Not that i know how to use DSLR until i hv to hv one - said incik seafarer

First ever pic that i captured

Me and the 'siblings'
i chose pink!

Did you see the KLCC, my pre with mr awesome.

meet shumi! on the bed in my new room, even for only two months, i hv to bring you dear shumi!
Backbones ;')
The forever-lovable friends, through thick and thin. InsyaAllah

Lingering around to find the class.
E 3-20

extra-over-excited us (?) or just me?
The babes :)

Meet mr miyauu. 
 So, the class had been postponed to Monday, which is today, and we have 4 days of holidays. I invited, or to be exact paksa ada to accompany me going back home. Hehe. Thank you ada, cepat sembuh!

Le' KTM , Klang

Waiting . . .
 A very serious discussion. :P

Someone's baju. Hehe
Cik ada and my enemy -_-
 My babies :)

Dream car . . .
You are just too big baby :(

The nanny and my 2 old year nephew
  Hehe, i'm satisfy with the pictures and not yet fully discover the scenes and so on. It is affordable and you-can-carry it everywhere - bak kata promoter kedai nikon -_- hmpphh.

InsyaAllah, hectic and busy life will be started tomorrow. With the assignments that i guess each subject have will give me a break from blogwalking and so called surfing the internet. hehe.

Till we meet again. InsyaAllah.

Ze fiancee is on the board.
Again, this is a test.
Again, distance separate us.
But do believe fatinhusna,
a long-distance relationship can also last forever.
With trust and honesty.

Allah is the very best planner, so turn to Him.
He'll give you, the happiness that you'll never imagine ;')

Counting the days......

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