Sunday, June 10, 2012

Come back


Alhamdulillah, its been a while since i made this blog private due to some reasons
*or i dont have any story to tell. teeheeee

So much good things had happened. Alhamdulillah ;')

Starting with my exam result. I got more than what i expected, even it wasnt an empat rata, but, i am satisfied. Alhamdulillah, and like always, i have no CHEMISTRY with Biology, so i got an A- for this subject -_-

The announcement list of name of students who succesfully enrolled to Kuliyyah of Medicine also had been released.
Alhamdulillah, 133 students were selected :)
and i am one of them, ranked 47. Thank you ya Rabb
and my darlings are also selected : Farah Syuhada, Ain Amalina, Zuhaidah, Azlia Khaleeda, Istadartiah, Adlyn Lyna, Nik Saliha.

Lemme tell you something, to see your parents smile because you are making them proud make you feel extravaganza happy, even make you proud of yourself.
The journey started now. Yet, it is seriously long way to go.

5 years as medical student of UIA is waiting for me in front.
No doubt, a big responsibilities, a huge challenge.

To be in UIA, is such a blessing. Two years as foundation student was just worth it.
Yes, a bit longer than anyone else who are also in this field, but i believe,there's a reason why Allah choose me to be in UIA.
InsyaAllah, gonna be a good doctor, a good MUSLIM doctor.

12/6/2012 - registration at UIA Gombak.
Having UNGS courses here. for more than 2 months. InsyaAllah, berpuasa di UIA Gombak.
Somehow, excited. but, sedih la of coz, sobs, cuti da abis :P
My room is so messy -_- with the jars thinggy, and the clothes everywhere.
Fyi, Kulliyah of Medicine is at UIA Kuantan. So we wont stay long at Gombak. InsyaAllah, in September we'll enter UIA Kuantan.

one of the subject.
this subject somehow make me excited. Islam, in everyday life.
Preparation to be a good somebody :) InsyaAllah.
Hope dapat grab ilmu time UNGS. Tabah wahai hati denga lecture 4 jam non-stop. Kalau waktu puasa?

Just an update from me.

InsyaAllah,on the way to be ; a good servant of Allah, a good somebody, a good wife, a good doctor :)

Doakan kami, jadi doktor yang baik, yang tabah, yang beriman, yang diredhai, dan yang ikhlas menjadi seorang doktor :)

InsyaAllah, a doctor, soon.


wina said...

husna, i cant stop smiling :) congrates to you dear...may Allah ease your journey...insyaAllah.

hafizuddin said...

wishing you all the best ! :)