Monday, May 14, 2012

the pre :)

Assalamualaikum :) 
a very good night readers.

After one week, finally, i can on9 without any hesitation. Alhamdulillah. am done with final exam, which my last paper was on 11 May. Now, its the time to tawakal, i've done my really best. Sacrificing my everything(?) . teeheeee. so lets wait for the result, insyaAllah on this first june.

I also had done with the interview session, which is today. Alhamdulillah, it is far better than what i've been imagined. but, there's one part of the interview that i really worry about. I hope, with me being very truthful, is not the reason why i couldnt get the spot as MBBS students soon. Doakan ehh kawan2!

So incik seafarer is on the land (?) Having his seriously fun holidays and me struggling with the exam. So we decided to tak jumpe until the day we become husband and wife. I was really REDHA. xpelahh. org xnak jumpe, xkan nak pakse. wuwuwuw. i had meet him twice. so, maybe thats enough lah kot. He also told my mum that he wont meet me, no, HE DOESNT WANT TO MEET ME :(  * terluka hati. pheewww.

but, it turn out to be the vice versa. 

never imagined he will do that, but, yeah, he did! he really did!

am touched, am grateful, and a lil bit angry. hihi.

So on 4th May, i went to KLCC with my roommates, without knowing anything, without suspecting anything, just for one reason, releasing tension. * two papers left !

Pictures, please talk :)

Youknowwhat, he was there! staring at me while holding a bouquet of roses.
SERIOUSLY, i was shocked!

I wasnt able to speak anything, and, the funniest part was, i tawaf the tangga dekat stesen U! nebessss. terkejut, malu kucing sume ade. Never imagined THEY will plan it this way. Took me almost 10 minutes to act come to him and take the roses. Biyanae yahh sarang :) 
*but he forgot one thing, kneel down :P

The roses :)
So called pre. As am asking him to have even a small pre wedding, so he prepared a lil bit, with ada, the cik photographer.

It might be a small thing to anyone that have experienced a big surprise, but for me, Alhamdulillah, thank you awak. You make me smile all the day with the roses.Thank you for bearing everything and hold on to me.

This was a candid
Oh! terserlah ke-child-ish-an
Now you tell me hihi
The girls who 'bersubahat'
Thank you darlings :)

our actual height differences :)
Thank you awak for accepting me even i am wayyy too cute :P

So on the next day, my mum fetch me, as this was the only time we can use to buy all the hantaran, i had to sacrifice my study time for this-same-important thing. Its really hard, really want to split and undergo regeneration. So other me can study, and other me can spend time to buy the hantaran. but alhamdulillah. manage to balance both very well. 

&& serious said, tidak ada satu barang hantaran yg berjaya dibeli tanpa pergaduhan. sampai muncung2 mulut baru laaa dapat beli satu barang -_- haha. to think thoroughly, we really bad at making a decision, until my parents really got tired with us. hhehehe. anak bongsu anda mmg susah bertolak ansur -_-

somehow, I really love these pictures.
The 'daaaaa' on his face when i act cute.
and the 'hewwwww' on his face when i make face. hihi

the subway :P

So he stayed with my family when i was struggling for the final papers. uruskan hal itu ini for the wedding. and and and tolong cat bilik (separuh ) leaving the other half for me to complete it. -_-

Thank you awak - 13 May 2012

So we wont meet again until the day. thank you awak. for treating me this way. for making me feel precious, for making me feel that i made a really good decision by choosing you and letting go of the past. I know the path is really too far, three months, anything can happen, everything can happen, but i believe, if we are meant to be tgther, insyaAllah, this path will always be for us.

I always believe this,

people might forget what you say,
people might forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel :)

so dear this man,
may Allah makes our path ahead easy.
we are counting the days, we are waiting for the days,
may we prepare ourselves, for the new path that is far away different from now.

a husband and a wife, its need more than just a 'love'.


Nurul Hamizah said...

bila tarikhnya husna? jgn lupa jemput.. hehe :)

marzita amin said...

awaaaaaak. as usual , kita rasa touch gila kawan kita ni nak kawin dah (': awak bila majlis? jgn lupa jemput kita. nanti kita bawak hadiah. insyaallah (:

Anonymous said...

Salam husna. Tahniah. Semoga dipermudahkan.... Jangan lupa jemput :D