Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sisters and brothers in Islam :)

Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim :)

Assalamaualaikum and a very good evening readers.

its been a really long time since my last update. i was-so-busy with assignments and quizzes.
but alhamdulillah, this week i only have lab test to be done which is on Thursday.

Today i joined a family day organized by PERKIM, family day with muallaf :)
I never joined such thing, yes have to admit that i hate outdoor activities except shopping :P hihi.

Dari pukul 8 sampai 12 tghhari tadi. It was exciting even though teramatlah tiring.

PERKIM members held a sukaneka, hehe, xramai pun budak2 nya, lebih ramai parents, and those muallaf are consist of chinese who convert to islam, indian muslim, philipine and so on. At first, masyaAllah, agak susah nak berinteraksi, you know, the boundaries between two people who are in different race and nationality. haiiih.

But, i think, PERKIM really got a way bila anjurkan sukaneka where everyone memang campur lantak pi dia lah in a group. So nak xnak, ape yang penting! mmg kerjasama. hehe,The games were quite childish, tpi surprisingly, every one yg took part gila punya semangat ni, but one thing for sure in UIA, even we are cheering, yet, still, muslim ladies would lower their voice, xdelah terjerit bagai nak rak.

So the games were masuk air dalam botol, lambung sayang, i dont know what this game name, tapi mcm pas2 getah from one person to another guna straw. eheh. n n n bawa bola pingpong dalam sudu. See, sgtlah mengimbau kenangan zaman kanak2, freshy2, cute miut dulu. Hehe.

So overall, i really glad i joined this event, even a small event, its giving me a big impact, and making me reflect myself before tido tadi petang *akibat terlalu letih. hihi.

Shouldnt we thank to Allah, as we were born in Islam's family, we are raised in islamic environment, we are brought up with islamic values?
This is one of His nikmat, His blessing and mercy, being an Islam, its mean we are a step nearer to Jannah because if we arent, nak jejak kaki dekat syurga pun tak kan. Cuma, nak kejar syurga tu, depends on our deeds pulak.

And, lagi satu nikmat Allah, seeing those muallaf is like telling me, yes, Hidayah itu memang milik Allah, without no doubt lagi kan?

So, all praises to Allah with everything that He gives to us, non-stop.

Its raining here, nikmat dari Allah juga. Alhamdulillah, masyaAllah, thank you Ya Rabb :)

so, the pictures!

Mak cik mak cik ni sangat lah bersemangat masa sukaneka. Jiwa kental + muda!

Waiting for the games to get started!

her hands. -_- she only have a hand. HAHA

ini gelanggang sepak takraw.
Motif gambar : lantai dye sgt menarik!

ini rommy stands for roommates.

first picture that we took.

soon to be a wifey. *incik seafarer will think thousand times to take me as his wifey. childish side of me that he will never understand :P

since i am going to have an interview for placement as Bachelor in Medicine for degree nanti, i went to foto shop to take the pictures. tell me if they will impress with me with this kind of face. -_-

InsyaAllah, the interview will be on this 26 April. So many competitors, too tough competition. The places for medicine are 120, and CFS medic's students are about 130++, not yet those from dentist and pharmacy who will apply for medic on this incoming interview. So tell me the probability of getting selected -_- .

Life is just so unpredictable, but i believe, if Allah says medic is the best carrier for me, then He'll makes this path easy, but for sure, with extra effort lah kan?

So my 2nd choice is Pharmacy, and then BioSc and then Nursing. These are the courses yg ditawarkan. so who says it is easy to pursue our dream?

InsyaAllah, Allah permudahkan bagi kami. Amin,

Doakan kami, semoga dipermudahkan perjalanan. InsyaAllah. Amin.


..::Mama Chrysalis::.. said...

Good luck dear.....don't give up....:-)

Come visit my blog....

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

gambar first. caption die.
'macik macik' errr sy pom ade dlm gamba tu jugak.
sy macik jugak ke? gggrrr~

eheh. i have one cute hand. :P

don't worry.
interviewers will be astonished by your beautiful smile. :P

tapi cant deny.
mmg takot lah interview. :(