Monday, April 30, 2012

Lets meet again, InsyaAllah, Kuantan

Assalamualaikum readers. 

Alhamdulillah, my final semester's classes have come to an end. I couldnt believe that i'm gonna finish my foundation soon. InsyaAllah. Means few days left before i become an ex-cfs. A little bit excited here. Ha ha ha. and nervous as the final is on this Wednesday *sempat lagi upload.

This wont be long, just sharing some pictures during our GRANDLUNCH :)

Our most sporting Lecturer, Biology , Madam Azlina

Us, with madam azlina

Now you tell me.
She's really badly sporting + cool.

Secret recipes cakes, brownies from madam azlina, chocolate indulgence from us :)

ze girly ladies (semua nak 20 dah)

you tell me ;)

Them, ze most awesome classmates

insyaAllah bakal doktor sekalian. InsyaAllah.
the group members, the gosipping partners, the study partners.
people that i wait that wait for me to go to the classes.
Thankyou babies.

balloons :)

ada cik comel :)

roommates and ???
la pizza sponsored by someone.

cakes's ceremony. HAHA
oh. thats madam haryati, the most motherly madam :)

la gifts that we exchange

the girls :)

InsyaAllah, meet again in the next step dear ladies, one step closer to the future ahead. All the best in the future in the making. InsyaAllah.

and currently, my mode :

* you, noticed the pencil, thank you for the surprise.
Yes, i am surprised. and touched. 
thank you :')
* okayy. nak tido. gudnyte readers.

I keep asking myself, have you ready to become someone's wife? 

Bukan hanya seketika, tapi InsyaAllah, sehingga akhirnya. 


mira mohamed said...

kak husna, still remember me? i hope so :). just wanna tell you i got asasi sains hayat at uiam. hee. and if you don't mind, i need your help sis. can you?

eida sazali said...

wah, nak jadi isteri orang dahhh orang tuuuu :D