Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :)

Alhamdulillah, sempat gak update cik blog. I was seriously really busy.

The interview for medicine had been postponed twice. from 26/4 to 30/4 and then the latest 14/5.
which mean, 3 days after my final.
Firstly i was like. Ya Allah, terlalu lambat, i have a lots of work to do during the vacation. Xkan semua nak postpone, and kene stay UIA whereas orang lain da berbahagia berjimba dekat rumah -_-
* and and incik seafarer lagi bahagia dah sign off jalan2 shopping time aku exam -_-

tapi, to think thoroughly, Alhamdulillah, i have enough time to prepare for my final and yes, for interview too. no such redundant of work will occur. Focus on final first and then barulah interview.

so, am badly busy with the final. seriously busy. wont be able to update this blog for a really long time i guess.
but i would like to update about this

Last saturday we went to our former chemistry lecturer's house at kajang.
Here's the pictures. Hihi

ontheway KTM

incharge of ze cocktail. 
i bet i made a really tasty cocktail
*padahal it was easy just add up everything!

zee cocktailllss

zeeee spaghetti home made :) 

ze rabbit that my lecture own.

the ladies.

zeee uuuusss :)

zee cake!

Till now we still rapat dengan madam. Best madam ever kot. 

so finally, pray for me and my friends success in the interview, May Allah makes our path ease.

but, be ready for any possibility.

i hope i can talk fluently in english later, and zeee questions, hoping i give my matured answer.

take care dear readers. InsyaAllah.

meet again later. 
mode : busy for the career in the making :)

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