Friday, March 30, 2012


A very quick update i guess.

Alhamdulillah. Thank you ya rabb :')

Now you tell me :)

The one and only.
Yes, you arent here. You couldnt come.
but i believe, this is true. So true. InsyaAllah. will be blessed.
Never told you this, but, thank you awak.

With teary eyes, i'm touched with these.
Hope it will last forever. InsyaAllah.


One word.

InsyaAllah. will update again later.
Have so many things to do now.
Assignment waiting. need to be submitted on monday

Waiting for you to come back.


♡žuℓäiķнä Ãïƒαн♡ said...
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♡žuℓäiķнä Ãïƒαн♡ said...

congrates awakkk :)

baashah;D said...

okayyy..jealous tengok fon tu..T_T

istadartiah shamsudin said...

tahniah syg <3
may the happiness lasts forever.

AfiqahDiyanahJohari said...

congrats yang! :)

marzita amin said...

AWAK ! sgt sweet . nangis kita tgk nih . dgn lagu nyaa masuk betul . semoga berbahagiaaa awak . kita doa awak dari jauhh (':

wina said...

congrates awk=) may Allah ease your journey and may both of you be blessed..

nnt nak kahwin, wina mainkn piano utk awk :D hehe

lagu 'marriage d amor'
nnt kalau free dgr kt youtube.. :D hehe

xox Faiqah xox said...

Alhamdulillah, congrates byk2 ^^.. nnti dh confirm tarikh bgtau k, nk hntar hadiah.. hihi