Sunday, February 19, 2012


A story about A B and C

BESTFRIENDS i guess, A, B and C.

Roommates, classmates, groupmates, breakfast-mates, lunch-mates, dinner-mates, outing-mates, sleep-mates.

and paling penting,
teman kala susah dan senang. teman kala suka dan duka. teman di dalam segalanya.

but one day, Allah test them with a big test.


C was overwhelmed with her own feeling. with the addition of PMS, everything gone wrong.

C did a very bad things. Expressing her feeling with action. Being so cold. as cold as an ice.
and when B asked her something, she didnt reply, ignoring her, and wearing the headset.

How rude that could be?
After spending almost two years together.

And that night, before C gone to sleep. She did talk with them, asking them,

"Betulkan, 2 tu lebih baik dari 3 dan 4 lebih baik dari 5.Now i feel what that person feel. Repeating the same thing."

A sangat lah terpinga-pinga. and B was just quite.

dan masing2 pun terus masuk tido. Xpernah skali pun macam ni.
Selalunye sblum tido, siap gurau2 dulu.

Bilik yang selalunya penuh dgn gelak tawa, usik mengusik sunyi mcm tu je.

and that night, A cried seriously bad. Even without a sound, but everyone knows that she was crying. before C was able to sleep, B gave her a letter. Telling how sorry she was for everything.

and everyone gone to sleep with teary eyes.
and C was egoistic. Like she always do -_-

For the very first time, friendship that they have full with sorrow-ness.

and that night C, the one who started everything give a brief moment of reflection.

For over two years,
its them who always be by her side.
who take care of her when she sick.
who always be by her side through thick and thin.
who once wipe her tears.
who always laugh-like-this-world-are-theirs with her.
who be with her, here and there.
who giving her advises when she's down.

its them,
the person who she'll see once she open her eyes every morning.

How could she let that friendship turn to this self-destructing environment.

and yes,
its doesnt matter if its three or two or even ten, to actually being well suited with everyone. The number isnt important. whats more important is ourselves. How we bring ourselves into the group.

and yes, A and B
chommal chommal biyanae yah chingu.
For overwhelmed with PMS, for being so childish, for making an annoyed face when both of u talk with me.
Biyanae for my rude-ness ;')

there's no alphabetical that can start without an A.
we cant skip B to meet C.
and there's no ABC without C.

I love you roommates.
Biyanae for making both of u cried badly.

Heartless me= annoying one.

Sob sob sob sorg2 tengah2 malam.

Biyanae :)

and incik seafarer,
for every advice that you gave,
i act like i didnt hear,
but trust me,
i do think about it thoroughly.

thank you for being the matured one.
yes, ingat ape yang orang pernah buat utk kita, HARGAI :)

p/s : PMS is killing

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