Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Klang

Assalam readers.
Seriously, business keep hunting me until i cant find to actually relax my mind and update this blog.
I have two quizzes next week which are, Bio and Math.

Two weeks in a row at Klang. First, to renew my ic and then so called baby sitter at Ada's sister house.

Pictures are not in sequence -_-
*saye pemalas :)
on the way balik

Giant Kapar

The ladies


Us, the cam-whorer - who waiting the pianist

Bashhhtaa ^_^

Boleh x,
mudah-mudahan assigment yg melambak siap dengan hanya kerlipan mata *byk nye kerja.

time to OFF.

Two assignments are waiting to be done,
ecosystem assignment and breast cancer. Gonna meet PPUM M.O, InsyaAllah, moga dipermudahkan sesi interview specialist tu nnti. Gagap meta nak interview org. Really bad at something that need formality -_-

The risk of getting breast cancer, be aware ladies ;
1) Age; over 50, yes, high risk of getting this disease
2) Family hereditary; if you have one, make sure always check your breast, mammography perhaps.
3) Length of exposure to estrogen ; dont give birth late ladies, increase the risk peeps. and say no to contraceptive pills.
4) Food intake; say no to high in fat food ladies, especially lemak ayam. wuuu nyummy~

and yes, men, you have the probability of getting breast cancer too. Breast cancer ; not a woman-only disease.

So, better take early prevention and continuous check up.

many more, will be updated soon. InsyaAllah.

Okesh, time to sleep. 11:51pm. am babyyish. i need enough sleep :)

Take care dear brothers and sisters.

dear seafarer,
Love can endure all :)
including distance when it comes with sincerity.

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