Saturday, January 28, 2012

When Allah pays you cash and on the dot.

Assalam readers.

Am badly tired now but too eager to update this blog. I went to Jalan TAR on my outing day, and something happen.

Well, i guess, this is one of the way Allah nak menegur kita, bila kita xbersyukur dgn nikmatNya. Satu pesanan yg hebat dariNya. I guess if you really follow my blog, you know how i regret choosing JPA instead of MARA scholarship. Something that i could not let go almost two years till my last post.

and in return, Allah answers me with this,

I was happily ever after dropped by shops at Jalan TAR, and that time i remember that i didnt even took out my purse for Ada was the one who paid for the fee until i went to buy 'air tebu' that was the first and the last time i saw and i hold my purse.
We went to buy tudung indon, and ofkoz la nak bayar, and i found that there's no purse in my bag. I was shocked and nearly speechless.

This thing never happened to me, and i was scared. We tried to track back the purse but we didnt find it. So i called my mum, but biase la, kene nagging dulu, but i was too blur, rather than dengar nagging i hang up the phone. Agak rude disitu -_- . my mum called but i didnt answer till she called Ada and asking for my ic number. Biyanae yah Omma.

So, she blocked my BSN, bank Islam and unfortunately, my maybank card was already been blocked. Thats the point when my tears fall -_- speechless and blur.

So, we went to the police office to make police report. for the very first time and Alhamdulillah, it was near and then went to maybank bank to report about the maybank card. Alhamdulillah. Di sini jugak dipermudahkan dgn adenya kakak yg sgt baik hati dan bank Maybank yg dekat dgn police office.

See, walau Allah menguji, ade jugak Dia permudahkan , bak kata Ain.

and Alhamdulillah, i have Ain and Ada, who always be by my side, ikut ke sana ke mari. Dan ini juga patut aku syukurkan, diberi rumet yg amat prihatin :')

I need to make my ic a.s.a.p as i need to make my bank cards, so I need to go to Putrajaya. After calling here and there, Kakak Ada, Sedara Ain to ask for a help, we still couldnt find the way to go there.

Last2, my mum said, she'll come over and pick us up and straight away to Putrajaya. So, we went to make my ic today at Putrajaya.

See, this is the another nikmat yang Allah beri, how could i be so ungrateful? When everything that i own is just incredibly amazing, when the people around me is just too and badly lovable.

Yes, setiap orang ade rezeki tersendiri. Ape yang kite ade, orang lain xde. and ape yg kite xde, org lain ade, itu sebab rezeki itu dye.

This is when Allah gives you lesson on the dot. Pengajaran amat bermakna. It makes me think even deeper.

For having a really great parents, Alhamdulillah ya Rabb,they woke up 5:00am in the morning just for their youngest daughter, without hesitation come over for feeling worry about me. This feeling is just.... yes, makes me fall into tears. So why should i asked for more, when there's people who dont have even a mother or a father?

For having such a concern siblings, Alhamdulillah ya Rabb, You gives me much, without me realizing it. For the only sister that i have, i owe her much.

For having awesome roommates, Alhamdulillah ya Rabb, without complaining anything, accompanying me, here and there, taking their shopping time, so why i couldnt see that when maybe when i go abroad i couldnt meet such person like them?

Yes, Allah has so many ways to tell us why, and i finally understand this.

Before go to Jalan TAR


Mummy :)

Roommates :)
Iloveyou, yes i do

Gadis-gadisku :)

and this, Lesbian?

and for having you, HafizZulkhanain,
thank you, am starting to learn,
where, try to accept everything that has been fated for you,
as, it is much beautiful than what u've been imagined.

and biyanae, for losing the purse that u gave :(

and yes. I O U


cik jiro said...

yg part lesbian tu paling tak tahan XP

Amierah Nabillah said...

ouh my. pity you husna :/ it's good that you took it positively though. semoga semua akan settle dengan lancar! miss you dear! :)

untoldhistory said...

aww so sweet:) kita mmg kena appreciate the littlest thing yang jadi sekarang hehe!

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

perlu ke part lesbian?
bakal suami i tengok, tak jadi bakal suami nanti. haha

every cloud has silver lining.
insyaAllah, will always be by your side. today, tomorrow and forever.:)

Anonymous said...