Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blood Test

Assalam readers.

Today is Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday. Thats mean that, Yeah! tomorrow is an outing day. I used to outing on every Friday, as i wont meet any other uni's students, and the surrounding or to narrow the scoop, the shopping complexes arent too packed with shoppers. HAHA -_-

I am not really in the mood. Why people often get jealous with others' achievement?

and am one of this kind of person.

Hey, be grateful with what you have.
Dont look at person who above you, but look at the person who below you, who certainly dont have what you have now,
Regretting wont change anything, regretting cant turn the time back. so, believe, what ever happen, there must be a reason why.

Its just, am so-down-to-earth-looking at them. who successfully continue their study abroad.
* due to the Home of facebook which telling you other's current status. Which some sort of like this, alhamdulillah, abroad or etc.etc.

I keep regretting for not choosing MARA instead of JPA -_- i just cant let this go.

Why human are so stubborn? why human sometime have this character of this ungrateful and asking for more?

I should stop opening facebook for a week i guess. Wuuwuwuuw.

Emotionally disorder now.

Boleh jadi sesuatu yang kite suke tu tak baik utk kite Fatinhusna, be grateful. He knows the best, remember?

forgetting ---

I have a bad fever last few days. So i end up asking my Biology madam for a leave during her class. I made this twice. The first time was when i got diarrhea.
So i went to the clinic, luckily the doctor was quite talkative asking me and that, suddenly when i was about taking the medicine, the nurse said

: Dik, g treatment room ye, akak nak amik darah.

Seriously i was blank, and ofkosh afraid. Am afraid of blood and needle. HAHA. What kind of doctor i will be(?)

So i end up entering the room, making myself feel like, its nothing to be afraid of. At first the nurse wasnt able to find my vessels. She said its too tiny -_- Debor nye la hai member time tuh.

And then, Alhamdulillah. It went well and Alhamdulillah too, i've overcome my fear and insyaAllah, will able to ' handle with care ' the blood. HAHA. joking.

My condition was worst yesterday, i feel wamble, but luckily i didnt vomit on the way to my room. Taking antibiotics, fever, flu medicine and sleep. Alhamdulillah.
NO DENGUE! but i have a rockstar voice, to hear it, call 999 -_- haha.

So, i end my post here with emotional disorder that been continued for every months.

Boleh belajar redha dan bersyukur x, fatinhusna?


Nini Hartini said...

ingatkan buat blodd test sebab nk kawen. hikhikhik..

akak pun punya perasaan yg sama dgn yatt. jeles ngn status org yg blajo kt oversea, gambar2 dorg kat sana. huhu..

ehh doktor ape ni takut darah. hehe

Nini Hartini said...


ehemmm ensem pakwe ;p

untoldhistory said...

takpe, ade rezeki lain tu(: siapa tknak bljar obersea youuu. . . HAHAHA! :D
chill. msia still good hoyeh