Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Semester Three

Assalam and a very InsyaAllah good November readers :')
My first update on November

I was lonely at my home. have nothing to do, so i ran through my albums.
UIA albums and i found these pictures. It were during my semester three.
I just realize, i went out so many times during this semester.
and i have seriously up to thousand pictures.
So, heres the pictures.



Awesome classmates :')

Experiment + camwhore day

Jubah's day with roommates


The day we bought ada's keyboard.*and a new pillow

High tea with madam sabrina

Snow Walk 15 July 2011

watak yang sama



Mentor-mentee program

Melaka tour :")

Iftar Hisbah : 1st time makan dalam talam serumett :')

Acid -base experiment. Equivalent point :)

A great Iftar with classmate :')


Went to Seoul Garden for the very first time

Met this pretty lady for the very first time

A sayonara meeting for this lady that is now in Ireland :)

Final lab test

Having a seriously wonderful last Chemistry class.

BTQ extra class here

and these were on our Eid celebration day


Last month for my 3rd semester.

Final examination month.
Having Epah's farewell party.

These were why i stayed here.
To meet with those awesome people that actually colored my life.
To experience whole new trend of life that i never live in.
To learn bit by bit what actually life mean.

and he said ; to meet your Adam ;')

everything happen for a reason.

Surely there will be a beautiful reason why i stayed here, in Malaysia.
I strongly believe that.

Thankyou Allah. Alhamdulillah.

...and Allah knows everything, that you may not know.

is it true a boy and a girl can never be a friend?

and to have such a long-distance relationship is hard.
but i do believe, we've think bout it thoroughly.
didnt we?

dont expect too much.
dont hope too high.
dont rely on so hard but stand on toughly.

keep on doa, until He answered 'yes, both of you are mean to be tgthr'
thats it.
but if He answered us the vice versa.
Do believe, someone that is far better than me,than you is fated to be with us :')


j.i.r.o. said...

LOL.terbaek ah gmbr btq tuh.elok je ustz kat blkg XDD

Amierah Nabillah said...

this is such a wonderful post husna :') suka sangat positive thinking hehe ♥ and the pictures, they're lovely :)

Herlisyatt said...

jiro : hahaha. ustaz jd modelll tuhh :P tehee

bella : thank you syg. thanks alot for the advice hari tuh :)

Nini Hartini said...

alahaiii..bestnya tgk pic lama dgn kwn2 kan?... nnt bila yatt dah grad lagi lah terasa nakkk balik ke zmn U semula. huhu... bila duduk ramai2 ni mmg mcm2 feel kita akn jumpa. tp tu lah, kita kena lah terima shbt kta seadanya... dan berusaha mengubah dia menjadi lebih baik.

rasa rindu nk nasihat kwn2 akak zmn bljr dulu....

Herlisyatt said...

kak tini : tu lah. bila tgk balik pic2 lama ni. rs mcm.. tergelak pun ade. nak nangis pun ade. how they coloured our days kan :)
bersyukur sgt2.
berkawan yg baik kite ikut yg kurg kite tgglkan.
nasihat menaasihati tu tunjang pershbtn :)

Nini Hartini said...

mesti nak senyumm je bila tgk pic2 lama kan... zmn skrg ni tgk gambar kwn dr fb dorg atau yg kita simpan dlm laptop. tp klu dulu, mesti cuci. lg feel kot tgk dr album. hee..

yat, akk tag yat. klu sudi and sempat join lah :)

Anonymous said...

i see you with your friends.

you still look like a guy.

yes you do.