Monday, October 3, 2011

nine teen

Assalam and a very good day readers,

Firstly, praise be to Allah S.W.T as final is end, after struggling for over two weeks finally i can sleep at peace. Haha.

So many thing happen lately, and i didnt even have time to online and update this lame blog -_-'
Sedih meta, but here i am now.

Holidays will be for three months. A very long holiday i guess which i didnt like it.

Mentor mentee,
after struggling over six weeks for the meetings with mentees, finally i was successfully finished my responsibility as a mentor. Seriously, sangat lega. Pegang amanah tu.

and surprisingly, i got Pizza Hutt from one of my mentee. I think, am being a very good mentor, -_-' oh itu tipu, menjadi mentor yang sgt garang. Now, that make sense!

Physics paper isnt really okay, which i feel like turning back the time so i would get the paper back and redo it -_-' * macam boleh pulakkan

Officially 19 teen :)

Happy birthday dear self, may Allah bless.


-there's a person who into excited with the idea of celebrating my bday. for some reason, he's being the first person wishing me 'Selamat Hari Jadi' , its okay for not being there on the day. Internet connection corruption i guess.

-struggling my very best for chemistry.

1/10/2011 [11.45pm - 2:00am]
-still on the floor with chemistry's paper here and there. my brain was like stucked up here and there.
-handphone was on silent.
- my roommates being a very nice ,charming , caring, adorable roommates ever for singing me a birthday song
- 1:30am, abah sending me a msg, even though the msg was short, its enough to make my tears fall down. Thank you soul.
- 2:00am, arif sing me a birthday song. i got two birthday song version. Thank you guys.

- for not being able to go out and celebrate your birthday was kinda frustrating, the date isnt come 2 or 3 times a year, just for once.
- so i spent my birthday day by doing chemistry's calculation, and because of this, Alhamdulillah, its worth it.

- officially 19 and 1 day, and i got a chocolate from zu, and wendy's burger from arif. thank you kawan2

Since am already 19, there's so much dream that i would like to fullfill, so much hope that i would like to hold on.

to be a good daughter, to be a good sister, to be a good friends,
and InsyaAllah, a good muslimah for His jannah, and a good wife to be in the future. InsyaAllah.

and to be a doctor that i keep longing to.

that is where i head to. from now on. InsyaAllah

19, such a big number, a step nearer to Him, grow Husna, be matured, let the past go. head to the future. be close to Him, be dear to Him, be His true servant.

Its time for serious relationship ? 19 umur yang sesuai untuk kahwin kawan2, jom! xde kene mengena -_-'

just be matured fatin husna, i'm 19 peeps.

Alhamdulillah ;) thank you Allah for all Your bounties. Lead me to the right path. Amin

Take care love .

forgetting and forgiving. keep in the deepest heart.


pemuzik jalanan said...

Happy belated birthday awak :) and selamat bercuti!

Herlisyatt said...

thank you shudd :P

azliakhaleeda said...

hepi belated besday syg!!!=.=' x ingt nk wish...

farrahana hamdon said...

happy belated husna :) miss u so so much.:DD 19 years 7 days rite..:P hehe