Monday, October 10, 2011

Human relationship

Assalam and a very good day to every body.

Lately, something repeatedly popped up in my mind.
*it is because some of my friends having this human relationship problems.

Seriously, to be honest, there's nothing more complicated than human relationship.
I strongly believe our mathematical problem is far easier to solve rather than this heart and feeling thing -_-'

Hold to one sentence,
Allah has created everything in this world in pairs, so do us as a human being. InsyaAllah. there will be someone that Allah has created from the very beginning to be our spouse.

Sometimes we keep searching for that special one, *oh indeed i was one of this kind of person*
but we dont know who are they arent we?

Just have faith, that in the end, no matter how far we have been separated, if Allah said, he/she is the one for you, then that is it. Two person that Allah has made up to be an item, in the end will reunite back. Have faith kawan2.

But, if, from the very beginning that love wasnt yours to begin with, then it will continue like that. No matter how hard we try. No matter what ever we do. Nothing can oppose His fate. His qadha and qadar.

I've been in this situation. yeye ni bercinta bagai. gila2 punya bercinta. sayang sgt sgt neh. haha. But in the end, no matter how hard i know. the ending was like a hell to me.

So i learn that, if that person truly. really. means to be yours, InsyaAllah, fate will bring both of you together.

Have faith kawan2.

Ini benda basic, not including lagi dgn teras perhubungan, yadaa yadaaa.

If you fall in love, but in the end, both of you choosing two different paths, dont be sad, if Allah said, he is yours, eventually in the end, you gonna marry with him no matter what happen.

Husnuzon dengan Allah. Setiap yg terjadi pasti ade hikmah.

:') chill

and fatinhusna, do chill too.

Its a very long way to go.

You, merge yourself in my world, as i surely merge myself into yours. Without any promise, any hope, InsyaAllah, lets give Allah full authority on this matter.
May Allah creates a better love story for us, far better than you and i could ever imagine.
If you are sincere, do wait for me. hihi.


peep said...

have faith in Him n He'll never let u down :)

Herlisyatt said...

peep. thank you.

always have faith :)