Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Something happen and truly make me speechless.

I guess i'm the one who should be blamed.

I feel like running away again.
Again and again.

Now i know that friendship is like sinful for me.

This stressed me out. Seriously, as you ability to breathe is taken back by Him.
You feel suffocated.

Mentor mentee's list has been pasted on the board.
Surprisingly, i have seven mentees which to me, its more than what it supposed to be.
Am going to be mentor for chemistry one. which i had took last semester.

This week has been really tough. I didnt have time to do what i like to do.
I didnt feel free, it feel packed and like you are rushing in everything that you do.
Chemistry's quiz is on this thursday which i prepare nothing and physics tuto is going to be discussed tomorrow which no progress on that paper.

Physics now been really difficult, when it comes to solenoid, circuit, magnetic field, right hand rule, that are my weaknesses.
This make me feel like, okay, i dont like physics, and then when it comes to chemistry,
it need more practice and i dont know where to find extra questions.
Plus i need to recall back what i;ve learnt last semester for my mentee. Ini sgt leceh.

Ok, saat ni mmg nampak aku dah xcool.
Serious SESAK!
sume benda aku nampak sesak.

Barely able to breathe.

Seriously, something stroke my heart, and its going to bleed again.
Am i that bad?

Put myself in her shoes, try to understand her.

Being hurted turned me into this or what?

dan hujan turun dengan lebatnya.


Anonymous said...

hope you always strong,cikfatinhusna..im sory.

Anonymous said...

mentor?fuh hebat2..asl no hp dihitamkan??

Herlisyatt said...

anonymus one, i know who r u. its okay :) nothing to be sorry

anonymus two, kau gila ke nak exposed phone number kt sni bhai. free2 je kne kacau. hahaha

Anonymous said...

btw,be a good mentor yehh.
awk kn pndi mngajarr.

Herlisyatt said...

terima kasih awak :) hihi

Anonymous said...

k k,erm..pose jgn tnglll.ahah

Herlisyatt said...

eheh. hari tuh daa tinggl aaa :P

perempuan en. nak wat cane.

btw, may i know who are you dear anonymus?

Anonymous said...

u already know me.

Herlisyatt said...


Anonymous said...


Herlisyatt said...

take care.

hoping i'll able to accept you and her soon.

take care doctor.
sure i do my

prayers will owez with u