Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mentor and mentee

Salam and a very good morning peeps.
Firstly, sorry about yesterday's post. I do sound like an aimless person.
Person who lost everything in her life.
-___-' in that situation, it means, am definitely down. miserable. complicated. and yadaa yadaa
Now, am okay. to be truth, not definitely okay, but okaylah -.-'

Last night after tarawikh we had mentor's meeting.
It was scheduled for us to sign the tutor contract.
UIA is seriously scary, well, the ISLAMIC part play an important role here, to be responsible, to take the amanah given to us, to perform our duty whole heartedly.
I feel like, okay, mcm bertanggungjawab terhadap anak2 aku tuh -.-'

As i have seven mentees, i bet you they arent easy to handle,
i suppose to make tuto with them atleast two hour per week.
Need to follow the course outline, asking them where they are lacking in, what they didnt understand and so on.

The contract :)

The most retarded tutor ever.
Biyane yah menteess.

One of my mentee has already sent me message saying she's not really well for the meeting last night. I was like, okay, am going to be a mentor now. menjaga anak2 sekalian dengan penuh kasih sayang dan memastikan kecerahan masa depan anak2 ??? -____-'

Huuuu, my own chemistry two dah nak dekat lingkup ni, ade pulak masa nak pk pasal chemist org.

Fatinhusna, its your responsibilities. Bear, endure, face it.

High school crush is having study problem. Failed in his three core subjects. He was down and telling me that doesnt have the spirit to study anymore.
I pray he'll never give up and will doing very well for the final.
Dont give up buddy. always pray for you. InsyaAllah.

Aku memang slalu pkkan masa depan orang lain -.-'

Lastly i made my own decision. i guess, i always do decision when something come up and i cant endure it no longer.

Not going to hurt a heart anymore.

May i always become stronger. Amin.

"If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your faith.
If He delays, He is increasing your patience.
If He doesn’t answer, He knows you can handle it"

He knows, i can handle this. maybe.


TehLimau said...

there's no need for you think about other ppl's future. What is important is that u do ur duty and responsibility as good as u can. the point here is that u keep ur promise as a mentor and the menteess do their job to gain better future for themselves. :)

Herlisyatt said...

adi, somehow, there are getting closer to me, where this made me, unconditionally terthink about their future. this is so me, care of others, till ..............

hopefully am going to be a good mentor. InsyaAllah.
thank you adi :)

...(",) PooH... said...

sokay lah...maybe it can be a training to be more responsible in our life...anyway, giving others won't make you lose any, but with God's will, the more your reward will be... :)) be content...