Sunday, July 3, 2011

Update and somethin to share :)

Salam. hye lovely readers.
Waaa~ lamanya xon9.
rindu rindu rindu blog -.-' hihi.

been seriously busy with study.
organic chemistry is ultimately EASY!

this is BBG
baby green
first so-called teddy bear that i bought for myself!
study partner, sleep partner.

next week is chemistry's first quiz.
duhh! overboard payah cam gini.
* bila sudah tepu mengadap o.c!

Roommates :)

we spent almost an hour at this bench.
like tgh duduk tepi pantai pun ade
this pic was taken by ada this morning! :)
kamsahamnida yah baby!

i am practicing healthy lifestyle :)
jogging + badmintoning! hihi

from left.
bb h. bb digi. bb g :)

susur gajah (? sounds weird)
T.S level 7!


So far. i am seriously okay.
I didnt have so much time to on9-ing.

By the way. have something to share with all of you. something that i keep thinking by myself.
which i've talk about it with roommates and dear lala.

Sometimes we are seriously get jealous with what other has but we didnt have.

In example, sometimes, its seriously heart breaking to see my friends get the opportunity to study abroad, meanwhile, i am sitting here, stuck in msia. fighting my very best to be chosen among the best to take medic.
pheww~ but to think deeper,

We shouldnt see what others have and what we didnt have, but we should think about what we have and others dont have. but jangan sampai riak lah kan . hihi.

I mean, well, i am getting an opportunity to get place here in UIA, regardless of others yg xdapat tempat mana2 pun dekat U.

See, sometimes, ade je orang yang nasib nye lagi teruk dari kite. So, be grateful with what we have.

So, there's must be a reason y Allah didnt give me the opportunity to study abroad. I might.. well, dwell in negative lifestyle. yada yada.

Surely there's a reason why Allah's fate is like this. The almighty HIM knows the best for His slaves. InsyaAllah.

Saying Alhamdulillah, its should be something that is like a part of our daily activity kan?
Even when we woke up early in the morning, should thank you to HIM for another chance to live.


Thats all maybe, i am getting matured day by day i guess. ( tiba-tiba )
Alhamdulillah. Thank you dear Allah.

Meet you in another post dearie readers.


zuhaidah said...

dulu mase sy dpat masuk kisas, dpat tawaran pegi sbp, sy seyez rase bangga sangat sangat, saya fikir 'aku dapat masuk kisas, sekolah femes tu, ko tak de pon' yeah mmg rase bangga la kan. then saya pun masuk sekolah tu, dah masuk kisas, terase pulak sekolah tu x masuk jiwa sgt, x boleh adapt dgn emviroment die, trus kluar. and that mcm bg satu pengajaran kat sy, dat sume yg baik, hebat tu baik utk kita. bersyukur je dgn ape yg ade. yet, ade hikmahnye lagi kan. org yg study abroad tu, x dpat balik rumah slalu. sakit demam kat sane kan susah. tu jelahh. hihi :).

Nini Hartini said...

yatt nak study abroad ke? kalau ikut keinginan nak negara mana eh?

yatt, kwn yatt yg pegang bb digi tu boleh kena tangkap (kuning). kehkeh