Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When the doctors become ...

Salam. Hye peeps.
Today i've only two classes. and both are lab.
Have two exp. today.
1) carbonyl and carboxylic compound exp.
2) geometrical optic.

So, today's classes are not as heavy as usual :)

I guess, the inner part of ourselves arent matured enough.

Doctors-to-be, yet, seriously childish!
Experiment = cam whore!

Early in the morning :)

During chemistry exp.

Gaya seorang pemecah test tube -_-'
Tak masal test tube pecah.
Its slippery !

Before entering physic's lab

I got a present.
From someone. free delivery
Tak masal inche classmate jadi orang tengah tolong sampaikan hadiah.
Luckily we are in the same class.
Kalau x,
where on earth are you going to find me yang x femes nie?


Xpernah pernah nye lah nak serious!

This is what we are looking at.
Reflection of light!

Okay. two lab reports are waiting. Seriously -_-'
Going to be extremely busy with those reports, including BTQ's assignment.

Rarely on9, that will be definitely sure!

I am reading novel now, aA+bB. Okay, amalah lame sebab orang lain dah beribu kali khatam.
Wa baru nak masuk page 313. Pheww~ okay. xikut perkembangan semasa -_-'

The story is awesome. about a doctor and an engineer.
My roomates is definitely loonging for an engineer husband now. Ah! gila hebat penangan aA+Bb. hailaaa~

an engineer? ceyh.
* oh. high school crush amik engine ni! ooo' oooo!

Should be an ice-cold heartless lady now, who think mushy relationship is bloody mess!

Pasang aim. from now on. lets be serious with study, despite jadi retarded kadang2 kan. deeply, wa awek macho yg serious. bloody mess sume, remeh2, wa tolak tepi!

Masuk 23/24 tahun, mak ohhhh mak.
By hook or by crook, nak kawen jugak. ade xde calon, lain cite.

Ok, aim spotted.
* to aim something, its seriously good. sebab, kau dah tahu ape kau nak.and bila kau nak benda tu, then nak dapat ape yang kau nak, for sure kau tahu nak buat ape kan? bagi aku lah kan -_-'

Siap pangkah besar2 umur 23/24. Tunggu kad kahwin aku ye kawan2.

I believe, there surely will be someone for me. i do believe that. Allah's fate, surely there's so many hikmah behind it. Its just a matter of time. Lets never turn back and walk upon.

Sometimes, loneliness do make sense! its means to give you time to meet someone better.

Besar bahana aA+Bb ni derr! terpengaruhh. hailaaaa.


eida sazali said...

saudari, sila emelkan alamat UIA saudari ke emel ini:


gila skema weh ayat aku! hahaha

Herlisyatt said...

saudari nak buat ape nie? hihi.

nak anta surat cinta kah?

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

enough said. :P

memang gaya pemecah test tube lah.

My roomates is definitely loonging for an engineer husband now. Ah! gila hebat penangan aA+Bb. hailaaa~

hamboihh hamboiih hamboihh !
padahal die tuuu yang looooooonging for an engineer hubby ! cakap rumet laks! :P

tapi, kite memang sepakat nak cari engineer kan. HAHAHA!
memang kuat penangan Aa+Bb nih.

mmmm. 23/24 taun blum grad lagi la yang.
my aim, since schoolhood.
26 ! kalo tak...
ummiiiiiii ! carikannnn !

faten hashim said...

i aimed for the same thngs too, by hook or by crook, 23/24 mesti dah kwen besides at that time i've benn works for 3 years i think so, ada calon atau tak blakang ceghita, suruh je prents cari kan :D