Monday, May 9, 2011


As juniors are getting in this middle may.
So here i am, a bit about;
the famous :

International Islamic University Malaysia.
for foundation in PJ.
One of the building.
Mahallah khadijah.
where some of the sisters will gonna stay in.

sisters, socks its compulsory :)

this is something that u not gonna find in other university.
UIA, its an islamic university, brothers and sisters.
So be prepared to new version of 'high school' where here we really care about how brothers and sisters mix together.
We also have a group, i didnt know the name, but that group is kinda pencegah maksiatlah.
where every night they round our iium to make sure, no couple is dating.

First, the entrance.

Like everybody know, there will be three test.
English placement test, arabic placement test, and tilawah placement test.
These tests are compulsory, which mean everyone has to take this.
The test its not very difficult, for english, just take a really good care of your grammar.
and for arabic, if you dont have any basic in arabic, its seriously okay. as well, during my batch, i just get into the hall, after 30 mins, 3/4 of the hall is empty
( they didnt have any basic in arabic ) so kite semua serupa :P haha
and then tilawah. you just need to recite 3 to 4 quranic verses infront of the lecturer. next, they gonna decide which level you are.

so, my advice here, do ur very best in each test as they will determine how many years you are in taking your foundation :) one year, one year n half or two years :)

IMPORTANT , you can change your course during the taaruf week. Announcement will be made to tell you to get the form. so be prepared and alert!

Boleh tuka kos dik, sape xnak!

and then, classes.

well, classes are depend on your tests, if you are exempted in english or arabic or tilawah, thats mean in the first sem you are not going to have any class of that subject. *serious free gila kelas nnti.
if you are two years, then your schedule wont be too packed. as you have two years to finish all the syllabus. for each sem, you'll have maximum three core.
IIUM requirement subjects ( which not available in any uni. except my precious UIA )
- Understanding Islam
-Basic theme of al-quran

then outing.

the outing is on every weekend including Friday and every public holidays.
well, as you know, UIA, PJ is like in the middle of PJ, where you are near to Midvalley, OU, Sunway, Jalan TAR, pasar Seni, here and there.
Pengangkutan awam banyak dik, jangan risau. HAHA. nak teksi, lambai2 buat muka cun skit, serious diorg berhenti!

for sisters, well, this is islamic uni. wear proper attire okay :0 or else, mak guard and pak guard dgn bangga nye suruh awak2 sekalian naik atas tukar baju.
you know we are muslims, and you know what PROPER exactly mean in our religion :)

so this is what i wanna share about UIA,
seriously, entering UIA, for the very first time i feel like, wtfish, itu ini, serabut, subjek berat2, tambahan subjek pun mcm xberfaedah,
well, itu dulu, after you really get to know UIA, you'll understand, the bright side why you enter such university.

Its an islamic university, so be prepared mentally and physically.

one of the mahallah, tempat tinggal.

so again, if UPNM is place to born a cadet doctor, engineer or pharmacist, who can actually save his or her country, who can work for their country,

then UIA, its not about to born a doctor, a pharmacist, an engineer. Its about to born a muslim and muslimah doctors, engineers, pharmacists or any job.
Its about to build yourself from the inside :)

I heard about juniors saying this and that about UIA, better not enter this education uni. if you dont want to experience this heart and mind change :)

from me,
your senior.

* friends, share this for the sake of our UIA, for our juniors to be. hihi.


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

good one senior ! :D

syai sharif said...


-junior to be HIHI ^,^

Rooftopers said...

waaaaa... aku rindu!!

Herlisyatt said...

ada : hahah i'm a very good senior btw! hahaa

syai sharif. welcome dik. welcome to our UIA

mirah : rindu UIA je? aku aku aku? hahha :P

junior to be said...

kat uia bley pkai shawl or pashmina x.? just want to know :)

Herlisyatt said...

shawl or pashmina?

utk something yg rasmi xblh dik.

mcm ade pape function.

tp ramai je org pakai

just bring along

n when u see seniors r wearing it,

then just wear it okay.

syafiqah syahirah said...

nak masuk UIA jugaaaaaaaaaaak

btw,lagu blog besssstt!

Herlisyatt said...

jom jomm
uIA tersyang :P

laluna- selepas kau pergi

Anonymous said...

salam, nk tye.. akak wat brape taun?? medik bole x wat 1 taun..

Herlisyatt said...


akak buat 2 tahun

medik blh je satu tahun

tp mesti EPT and APT mesti exempted.
akak dulu ept level 6, then arab, dari level 1.


wah2 , dah masok yeeee , seronok laaa , gudluck :)

Herlisyatt said...

terima kasih :D

menjadi senior yg baik :p

Kumiko Ryou | Farah Amira said...

<----iium gombak junior to be..btw tenkiu ya..atleast ad gak mklumat bley gne pkai..:)

untoldhistory said...

thankk you for the info! i dah applu uia pj! harap harap dpt HAHAH

Luna Tsuki said...

Thank you, that was helpful.

Ezran.Imran said...

Salam . I don't have basic in Arab but I'm hoping for a course of one year . Do they offer any pre-test classes for Arab ? (I'm interested in joining UIA in Foundation in English as I feel that I rather choose it than TESL in UiTM)

Anonymous said...

Salam..kak..after first sem akn ad final exam kn..n sebelom tu akn ad iga praktis kn??iga praktis ni ad melibatkan cgpa kita ke

Anonymous said...

Assalam akk, is it true that we cannot wear pants even yg kembang mcm palazo or a blouse with skirt and a shawl for foundation studies ?