Sunday, May 15, 2011

Berturut turut

First day

Second day

Third day

Lebih lanjut, sini :)

Fourth day - hommie.


senyum luas luas.

okay. i was hanging around three days in a row.
I went here and there , naik turun cab/KTM , watching movies, went to arcade.
I really had fun.

thank you farah syuhada.
thank you everyone.

and now.

i have fever and serious back pain.

and my heart is wayyy bleeding.



♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

*sy dah taip panjang gile. tapi last2 page cannot be bla bla bla. -____-

thanks too. for dragging me with you. :)

dah demam eh. back pain ? aiyaak~

get well soon. rehat byk2 ye. jangan kuar jalan2 dah. eheh.

just think happy thoughts. memories will always stay memories. but don't let them make you sad. happy because it's happened. :')

*i know. cakap senang. but reality.... but at least, kite cuba mind set macam tu. mind set jek tuh.

ape2 pon.
get well soon. physically and mentally. oke. :)

Nini Hartini said...

entry jiwang sejak dua menjak ni. eh jiwang ke? ermm entry hati dan perasaan. hehe

istadartiah shamsudin said...

suka gmbr second day :)

sehari pun meaningful syg.
dont spoil it.
dia mengingatkan, cuma caranya kasar.

this is life which we need to face.

remember, Allah knows u inside out.
do pray to HIM.
moga die tunjuk yg terbaik buat awk.