Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sight seeing

I went to Klang yesterday.
and safely arrived at 6:05 pm today.
Seriously, i cant be there too long.
Memories will keep playing, and of coz la keep hurting.
but, i'm okay now :D

awak cabar sy buat gambar muka mcm ___
ni hasilnya.
puas hati.
damn. hilang charming i.

We went to i-city last night.
My sister in law, she was eager to go there since it was built.
Hamikkk. punya lama masa diambil utk fullfilled keinginan dye.
yes. my brother is wayyyy too mean.
Kejam gila gila.

Overall, it was so called family outing.
Even just three of us je.

I city.
there's nothing there.seriously.
just tremendous light, with different colors. it is just not more than a place where the surrounding is superb to take pictures.

food stuff, wayyy to expensive.
so, this is us.

oh. i look fat. seriously.
it was the effect of the tshirt i guess.
corak melintang membuat si pemakai nampak gempal
* sumber : Kemahiran Hidup ERT form 3!

These are some of the pictures.
Haish. serious penat.
Anak buah tu. sgt sgt sgt sgt lah lasak.

i should think twice about the number of my babies.
Dari 4 aku reduce jadi 2. serious.
hihi -.-'

When fighting becomes more frequent.
I couldnt see, where the happiness. where the road bring us.

cuma satu.
bila kemarahan menguasai, jgn jadikan aku tmpat melepaskan perasaan.
kesabaran itu ada juga hadnya.

and yet. sometimes.
when you love someone.
in a relationship called 'friendship' , its more than enough.

Ku menunggu by Rossa.
ada cemburu juga rindu :)


istadartiah shamsudin said...

amacam fee die kak?

btw,, comel je gmbr ats skali tuhhh :D

Herlisyatt said...


satu kereta rm 10 wakk.

bosann je g sane.

haish, auuu. i mmg comel :D

zeeyra esa said...

bestnye lepak i-city...heheh...

nadieae said...

comelnyaaa anak buah fatin, nak cubit pipi diaaaaaaa :0

Herlisyatt said...

nadieae : hihiihhi. mmg comel pun. tembam gilaaa. yg sorg tuh lagiii tembam :) hihiih