Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TGB, sayam!

TGB, second among MRSM-ers.

Gila hebat punya budak batch 09/10

GPS :0.914
all a's : 250 students
straight a + : 8 students.

Seriously, their result is better than my batch.

But who cares? *xleh terima kalah nie!

TGB 08/09 it was superb lah ms tu.

Moral problem jgn cakap, nama je MRSM
conclusion, dont judge something by its name.
but, it was the best moment ever lah.

Today is so called high-school-crush birthday.
I wished him last night. Surely through fb
I dont have his number. Lame gila kalau ada nombor dye.
I dont need it btw.

*that was so kind, mannerable me, i guees!

I just figure this out
*just want you to know, i'm proud of myself sbb 'berjimat'

My phone credit, my mum top-me-up on 23 February with 30 ringgit
and now on 23 March, there's balance up to more than 10 ringgit.

Can u imagine?

me. being this so-called-berjimat-cermat?


kalau dulu.
seminggu, mesti topup adelah 2,3 kali.
Kalau 30 tuh, seminggu dua, da habis dah.

and i could say, i'm not starving for food kt uia tuh, but starving for a top-up.
*Fyi, UIA selalu ketandusan top-up.especially for maxis.
Selepas ini, tiada masalah lagi!

I'm a hotlink die hard fan. HAHA

maybe i just should change my phone number.
celcom, being my number one.
my family are celcom users.

I'm the only one yg teh teh guna maxis.
Kredit celcom tuh, xguna pun, sampai expired, dan dan nombor nak kene block uh topup aaa.

I should be pengguna-tegar-celcom from now on.

Sometime, terasa jugak nak hantar msg.
well, figuring him out.
how he's been doing, is his study ouke,is he doing well, is everything ouke
i should remember, there's a girl beside him
that will take care everything that i used to
:') sudahlah.


❤zulaikha.afifah❤ said...

sedihlah bace post ni..

istadartiah shamsudin said...

tahniah lew jimat :D

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

hebat kot tgb.

haha. nnti kalo malas topap,
bole la gune awk pnye kedit.

yep. thinking of buying celcom num too.
sy je gedik pkai maxis.
satu fmili pakai clcom.

tp num maxis nu mmg da lame gile pakai. xtukar2.

hmmm. thinking lg~

fadlisabri said...


FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

Ikha : ape yg sedihnye hm syng?

Is : i'm proud to be berjimat. apekah .HAHA

Ada : erk. bg awk? mati laaa sy. igt sy tokayyy topup?

jom guna celcom!

fadli : haha. Thanks okay!