Friday, March 25, 2011


Selesai men-delete feedjit.

Feedjit,benda alah yang nie, cantik lagi cun berwarna hijau.

Ini pulak detail feedjit.

Biasanya kalau feedjit yg terletak kat profile kite semua yg common.
Just telling you 'a visitor from yada yada few hours ago '

Tapi yg detail feedjit, as u can see.
We know the visitor is from what country, using what browser, what operating system, through blogger or direct or google, and the exact time the visitor come.

For a month, i live with this.
Knowing something. even though it was nothing.
But it truly makes me happy.

Suddenly, the happiness, it didnt last forever.
Its truly break my heart.
All of sudden, its stop. giving me a crazy-night-day.

I'm living with that. having faith with that.

Salah aku juga krn masih begini.
Tiada setapak pun melangkah.

Someday my hearts all wounds will be cured
Someday i will meet a nice person
Forget, yeah, forget everything, hurry up and go
Before i changed my mind and hold onto you
Dong Bang Shin Ki-Before You Go

* dari blog HAJAR :')


istadartiah shamsudin said...

tough okie dear.
insyaAllah He'll show the right path 4 you. ily.

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

terima kasih sayam


this is tough.
but u always said

Allah will never treat His slaves beyond what they can face :)

i trust that.

loveyoutoo.always. eternity.everlast