Sunday, January 30, 2011

End of this week

February is appearing :)
Hoping for a blast on this february

This week i was so and badly busy
with those assignments, those lab reports, those fardu ain thing, those tutorials.
Everything was settled now.
and, i didnt even go for an outing to ensure those works done in time.
Gila hebat perngorbanan -___- tapi,
Gila rasa lega!

Next week,
Last quiz for biology.
The topics are gene expression, genetic change and variation.
I have one topic more to be covered up.

awak dah tua tahu.
53 dah ;)
Jangan pergi mana2 sampai sy jadi doktor awak tahu
sy syg syg syg awk sgt sgt sgt!

Today is my dad's birthday!

Gila sedih sebab xdapat balik melaka as ade exam.
Aaaaaaa. malam td je call abah and nyanyi lagu birthday kat dye.
Hey, i said 'iloveyou, abah'
Aaaaaaaa, pipi gila panas, malu ye kawan2.
Ye, among my sibling, aku paling tinggi ego.
even, ma cakap,
'anak2 ma, adik paling susah skali nak nangis
ma pernah tgk adik nangis masa arwah meninggal je'
-__- apekah. itu penipuan terbesar.
kalau lah ma tahu, how brittle i am -_______-
might be i would like you to know, no matter what is it, i shall stand tough infront of both of you so you could have faith to rely on me soon.

Abah suka orkid,
so i'm thinking of buying an orkid before going back home this Wednesday.
tp, mana nak cari orkid kat PJ nie weyh? -.-
A side present for him i guess, as we share money to buy him watch :)

We are no longer a bestfriend :)

We have back to normal i guess
Its like before we become a bestfriends.
Yeah, boys and girls cant be a bff
Its awkward to reply ur msges, its awkward to answer ur call lately.
Thats why i tend to ignore ur call and msges
I hope u'll act realize why, rather than asking me why why why.
I assume, we are not having each other as a bestfriend neither a friend anymore.
For you and for her, this is all that i can do.
and obviously for myself, this way, is better

I shall stand tough facing everything alone rather than rely on someone
I can do this better by myself

I want to be that lady, who didnt lean to anybody but anybody can lean on her

** masa untuk activate kan FB balik semula dah tiba


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

pecah rekod tak kuar outing kan. hehe

semua dah nak habes. final dah dekat!

rasenye penah nampak orkid kat mid tuh. hehe. pegi ah beli.

orkid hiasan

i think i know who are you talking about.
first2x bace ingatkan sy! baru nak tacing. HAHAHA

tapi tak bes kan. mcm hilang kwn. :(

nk wt cane. for their sake.

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

apekah ayat ini?
'ingatkan saye?'
mcm nak makan pelempang sulung je macikkkkkk si semonyet nie

gila lah

yes, for their sake.

its worst to feel that we might be the reason y


mcm ape je :)

tp xpe. hidup perlu diteruskan!

echo echo echo in my rain :)