Monday, January 31, 2011

Biology, IVF

Mari ber biology sebentar.
I have quiz tomorrow.

1st chapter its about control of gene expression
Its about two operon.
Lac and trp operon.
Both are control by operator that act as a switches.
Its one for catabolism and the other one for anabolism.

2nd chapter its about variation.
This include the disease cause due to change in DNA structure or DNA number.
Like down syndrome
Trisomy X, Klinefelter, which the total chromosomes is 47 rather than 46
and Turner's syndrome which the chromosome is less one so gi
ving total of 45

When study bout this chapter i remember something.
Bcoz its about the chromosomekan X , Y

In Vitro Fertilization :)

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization. Its the most accepted form of artificial reproductive technique for treating sub-fertile couples with a wide range of indications.

Commonly known as "test tube baby" procedure, the patient is given injections for the growth of multiple follicles & eggs which are retrieved from the female's ovaries & are inseminated with the semen (from husband or donor) in the incubators for 2-3 days. Once the fertilization has taken place, they are transferred back into the female's uterus. This procedure is generally called Embryo Transfer or ET. For the pregnancy to occur, an egg must be released from the ovary & unite with the sperm. This union or fertilization normally occurs within the fallopian tube.

However, in IVF this union takes place in a laboratory after both eggs & sperm have been collected. The fertilized eggs are then transferred to the uterus for natural growth.

* some research that i did.

When i was in form 5, i still can remember that i was eager with IVF!

HAH ! aci nak test nanti. weee~ Gila

Rusuhan di Mesir

Bila jadi rusuhan kat mesir, org kat malaysia yg kecut perut.

Sayam sy yg disana. Siti Nabilah Che Mat! Risau gila. Gila2 punya risau. Lala sent msg last nite, she said, the situation was bad. Tembak menembak sana sini.

Kemudian perintah berkurung lagi, makanan kena simpan, line telefon xde, line internet pun sama.

Haish, UIA mmg ketandusan TV, baru terasa peri pentingnya TELEVISYEN ye kawan2 bila situasi mcm nie.

Rasa nak buat rombongan mogok mintak TV je * sebelum nie xpun!

Hnya doa mampu di utuskan sekarang.

Lala mesti balik dgn selamat. Kan da janji nak jumpa lagi. Kan da janji nak sayam2 lagi. Kan da janji!

InsyaAllah. Aku tunggu kau balik .

Mahallll na mahaaalllll kitak.

* ouh, nak start study balik. RAJEN ye sy sekarang. rajin lah sgt kann -.-

seeing that person, doing very well with his life, makes me think a while, that i should do the same, moving on even one step . the distance even getting bigger.


istadartiah shamsudin said...

waaaaaaaaa bio.
erm yeke? smoge die slmtlah ye.
g mtk tv cpt! haha.
erm move on okish. lihat die, dan awk pon perlu truskn idup sprt die:)

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

sy cube sedaya upaya utk move on
risau nye sy kat lala