Sunday, November 21, 2010


Here i am.
UIA tercinta :)

Ouh damn!
I need a sharp shooter please.
Shoot my spirit baby!
I need it.
Serious xde semangat.
Dah mcm ape!
My class will start on 10 am tomorrow.
n I have Computer quiz, first quiz in this week.
Which i prepare nothing for it.
Babe, its for ur carry mark baby!
Aaaaaaaaa. fatinhusnakamaruddin wake up!
Before i forget, yeah, 2nd Biology quiz!
on this Wednesday night, 2 chapters will be asked.
errrr. -.- blank!

Things to be completed :
  • Understanding Islam assignment : individual, presentation
  • Computer quiz on monday 4pm
  • Biology quiz on wednesday 8.30pm
** finding, searching a SPIRIT :) i need it desperately now in order to being a good doctor onwards.
Cik Husna, sila sedar diri, ur last biology quiz was not so good. its not a full mark !

Someone show me WHERE can i GET a FREE SPIRIT.
i never like this before.


Anonymous said...

*aiming at your spirit*

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

susah nye cik akmal harith