Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Someone tell me

Its been two months.
Yet, i still standing here.
Not a step moved.
My heart is already breaks into pieces.
I wish i have a perfect glue to stick it back.
I wish i could find those missing parts.

Best friends, brothers, sisters..
U've show me the path to choose.
But every time i follow the path i would actually turn back.

Someone tell me, when this will meet its end.
Yeah, the answer is simple.
Depends on myself.
Depends on what i do to myself to keep moving.
My heart feel fluctuated.
Myself feel lost.
But i always know, its a 'long way to go'
There are so many junction that i've to choose.
I assume that the junction that i chose before was the wrong junction.

Someone tell me, where to go.
N yet, the answer still the same.
I choose where to go for myself.
Depends on what my heart,my mind feel right to choose.
Yet, i still dont know where i ahead to.
Life is still n yet a 'long way to go'

The best motivation comes from myself.
If i choose, the wrong path again.
Then everything wouldnt change.
If i choose to let this continue.
Then i'll never meet the end.
The best place to start is with forgiveness.
But still, its easy to give a forgiveness.
But the pain, isnt easy to move away.
N yet, it depends on myself how to overcome everything.
So i would live my life as i never lived before.

So here i am.
Its myself, the one..
Who should find the end
Who should find the way
Who should try to apologize
Who should let everything go
Its start with myself.

You, show me the meaning of hurt, pain, betrayed, lied and love.
-Terima Kasih-

.a new beginning with a new start.
** start a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before.


Anonymous said...

mcm yg u cakap,
semua depend kat diri sendiri.
u yg akn buat those make over to urself.

Adika said...

truskan ok atin.....
truskan mara.....

♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

forget eveything oke.
come out with a new start