Saturday, October 2, 2010

Growing up day

I'm 18 now.
Praise to Allah cause i live this long.
Last nite was my bday nite.
Solat sunat sume2 habis dalam pkul 12.05
Then tgk hp, ade 8 msg n misscalled

** Farah Syuhada, u r the first one syg. terima kasih even xmasuk pkul 12 pun lg. haiyakkkk.
dan mereka2. terima kasih.

Unfortunately, no one sing me a bday song.
so here i am, singging it by my own

' happy bday to me '
happy bday to me
happy bday to husna
happy bday to me

may this 18 and onwards bring me cherish n joy.
may i become tougher than before.
may i have the strength to change everything become normal.

i wish
- i wish i could throw my heart
- i wish i could forget the memories
- i wish i could be a heartless
- i wish i could leave without turning back
but, its not important than this one.
- i wish i could become a better person

my growing up day.
changing to become a better person.

dont say u love me, if u didnt.
dont say u care if u didnt.
dont draw me a hope if its fake.
dont be there if its just for a moment.
and dont hurt my heart cause i could die.

tirah. terima kasih :)


❤zulaikha.afifah❤ said...

hepy bufday dear :)
may ALLAH bless !!

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

thanks syg :)