Sunday, October 3, 2010


Remember this picture?
* special for u

Dear my doctor-to-be [insyaAllah, amin],
Act, ta tahu nk ckp ape, but. decided to write u something. my dearest perfect stalker :)
Its you who made the decision, its you who ask me to do the hardest thing to do in my whole life, its you who made me this way, its you. nothing i could do now, than just following your wish. Sy akn lakukan dgn sepenuh hati dn perasaan. Ye, perasaan xkan mmpu dicipta, perasaan xkan mmpu dibuang dgn secept mungkin. i wish i could, but i couldnt easily forget. But, biggest thanks for all the memories. I wish we could fight for our future together, as we used to be. I wish we could struggle together, as we used to be. I wish u could be by my side forever, as u always promise. I wish, i could repeat my sentence to u, ' jgn tinggalkan sy eah ' , again, but i just couldnt.

' I wont avoid the mirrors again, coz i wish to see u beside me, smiling and laughing while putting ur hand on my head, a very nice of you -.- '

' I will miss those old town white coffee dishes, i will miss to see how u eat. >.< '

' I will miss to say, 'people change', weeee. n miss to wake somebody up in the morning. its tiring me :( '

' I would miss to compete with u in my study :) i would miss your 'keangkuhan' to try to beat me. '

' I will miss to teach u speaking gambateh 12102010, i would miss ur laugh, i will miss ur smile. '

' I will miss u, who always make me cry, because you r the devil beside me. '

' I would miss the past that we left behind, i would miss my weekends :) '

' I will miss to sing you a song, dont care if my voice is suck '

' I will miss the feeling to worry bout bcoz u had late replying my msg even half an hour, ok that sound terrible gila, n u will miss to see my misscalls n my msges :) byk gila kot! '

' I will miss to seek u when i woke up '

' n i would miss ' how to train your dragon' '

I will miss everything that we share together. I will miss my 17 years old. I will miss to babble to you. I will miss to sulk with u. I will miss everything. I will keep our memories in my deep heart, on my treasured corner.

Do take care, i wish the hopes, the dreams that we create will come true. We choose two different roads now, n i hope we meet again, at the end of the road, n the road onwards is only a single road. so i could travel it with u. I hope fate will fare us better, InsyaAllah. I lay my prayers on ur steps. Just berusahalah sedy upy utk mencapai cita2 dan impian awk. Awk sgt hebat, jd sy percy awk mmpu. Teruslah berjalan, sperti mn awk meminta sy utk terus berjalan. I do hope, slps 6 tahun nnti, sy akn jumpe awk, sbgi seorg doktor. Doktor yg sgt hebat. Sy akn rindu awk, utk kenyitkan sblh mt awk. hencem sgtlah kot tuh :). Do keep all my birthday presents for this 6 years. InsyaAllah, nnti, sy akn tuntut pd awk. InsyaAllah juga, sy akn simpan bday present utk awk utk 5 tahun akn dtg.

Bile awk rs sgt susah dan payah, jgn mengalah. Bile awk rs semua org disisi awk xde utk awk, yakinlah.. sy ada di sisi awak. Just close ur eyes, n i'll be there. Just hold to my words, once i fall in love, it will be forever. Do appear back in 6 years onwards. i do will wait, i do will wait dear. i do will wait. I would see u from far, distance, will never make two hearts far apart. I would never forget u, i will never stop praying the best for u. never. the past is mine, n the future is urs, decorate it in the best way that u can.

' Jika dia untukku Ya Allah, simpankanlah dia untukku '

what i wrote on the pencil is true.
wiping tears. off
till here then my ichi.
enjoy our song.


Nurul Hamizah said...

dr.fatin husna... (^_^)

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

insyaAllah :)

Anonymous said...

sedih nye baca :)
i loveee ur ayat.

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

who r u, but.
terima kasih :)