Friday, October 12, 2012


No matter how hard it will be, no matter how painful it will be, no matter how broken hearted we would be, lets fight. Together.
Distance makes us become even stroger. Even closer.
Because we need each other to become stronger. Remember?

Fight rather than do nothing, at least we get that feeling ; satisfaction.
As atleast we fight for the best we could do.

The journey of two hearts, begin....

Because distance is nothing, when two hearts always known, to be close each other.

Because you are hafiz zulkhanaian, my husband ;)
This is our tough time, but insyaAllah, He sees us, and will help us.

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Fitrah Ariffin said...

ahha! dah husband! congrats kakak! sorry for the late wish! lama sgt sgt tk bukak blog akak:( stay happy and blessed. Aminn!