Sunday, September 9, 2012

Husband vs friends

Being somebody's wife at age of twenty is not really easy. Because you are in the environment where you cant rely on anybody to understand your situation as a wife.

Things changed, situation changed and the most obvious thing, i changed.
The way i bring myself changed.

Being somebody wife at younger age make you learn and learn and learn new things to be a good wife, to be a wife that your husband will love eternity, to be a wife, that get the redha from Allah as her husband redha with her.

The problem here is, your friends still look at you as you are still single. I didnt ask much, just try to understand my situation. I still the old me, still your friends, still chill out with all of you, tapi, akan ade sesetengah perkara yang i do when i was alone, but i cant do it anymore now.

I have someone that i have to look to obey to ask permission from.

Sometimes, terasa jugak dengan kawan2 yang, you know, questioning my action in obeying my husband or questioning my husband order.
Its maybe something beyond that everyone can understand.

But we learn, we know, once you become somebody wife, your Jannah is within him, within his redha, and yes, you should obey him, as long as what he wish is according to the shariah.

I keep deep in my heart when some of the friends berbunyi
ape motif buat mcam tu, kenapa suami macam tu.
As long as, ape yang suami itu mintak, tak lari dari agama islam, jangan persoalkan, i'm sure, the husband is wise enough to say what the do's and dont's.

You can say everything that you want, as long as you see, at that moment, i'm obeying what my husband ask, that is far away from what Allah has order.

Treat me like you always do, but, in the situation where i obey my husband, dont question it, dont say even a thing, dont look down at it, dont dont dont dont, because, it hurt much.

I just learn to be a good wife, and,  i am also, searching for the jannah, just like everybody :')

I am still learning, how to be a good servant of Allah, a good wife, a good daughter, and a good friend.
and alhamdulillah,
no one can understand you better, in being a wife matter, more than your mother.

You cant have both, you can have only one. thus,
between my husband, and my friends, i choose my husband :')

but, as he is away, i'll always be there for my friends, tapi, sekali lagi, in decision making, i've to turn to him to ask his opinion and permission. InsyaAllah.

May Allah bless ~

Seorang isteri, TAAT itu disisi Allah, Rasul dan suaminya :)

Firman Allah SWT: “Lelaki adalah pemimpin bagi wanita dengan kelebihan diberikan oleh Allah SWT” ( Surah An-Nisa: ayat 34).

Sabda Rasulullah: “Jika seorang perempuan telah sembahyang lima waktu, menjaga kemaluannya dan taat kepada suaminya pasti dia masuk syurga dari berbagai pintu yang dikehendakinya.” (Riwayat Ibnu Hibban)

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