Sunday, August 12, 2012

14 days

I guess, its been 14 days since my last post before the final exam. I was extremely busy with three papers in a row. Three papers that need whole and tremendously, enormously, gigantic effort in memorizing.
I am really bad at memorizing. But Alhamdulillah,
walaupun tersangatlah banyak menggebang ayat dalam paper exam, generally, boleh la dijawab selepas stay up tiga malam berturut turut. and the worst part was, my flu, cough and sore throat last for almost three weeks. Balik je rumah, sihat. Ah, best medicine = being home.

So, here's the stories during the last few days in UIA, Gombak.

1) Iftar with Dr. Salah.
Dr. Salah was my Islamic worldview lecturer. He is so islamic* Ape ni ayat.
Dye sangatlah implement kan islamic way in his life, terlalu, teramat. I still remember till today, his words that makes me laugh
"Waullah hu 'alim, i'll get married even before i born" - Dr.Salah
Hewhewhew,, see, dalam byk2 benda, pasal kawen gak ingat :P

Class rep.o with Dr.Salah

Sweeties :)

Tarawikh at Shah's Mosque 
2) Iftar with Medic, Dentistry, Nursing batch :)
So we had an iftar with three critical course students. To be truth, to be with those companions, and the surrounding, terasa sangat implimentasi Islamiknya. Before we ready for the iftar, we had break the ice session. Oh, ingat nama bapa masing2. Cool gila game. And then tadarus al-quran, continued with tadabbur.

The sisters :)

Pretties :)

3) Final exam!

Kak su, sakinah ( eh, she's going to get married next year, InsyaAllah )

Suasana dewan exam :)

the complete us :)
 Alhamdulillah, serious xsangka. Cepat betul masa 2 bulan. Awal2 dekat Gombak, serious nak balik. Merengek2 nak balik. Tapi, the last moment here, agak sedih la. I'm gonna miss Gombak very badly. InsyaAllah, we'll meet Gombak 5 years more during the graduation day :D

For my mummy
My mum birthday was on 8.8, which my last day at Gombak, and last day for the final.Happy birthday mother. 53 years old but she still adorable and like in her middle 40-ies :) 
I was eager to go back home, eager to finish the two months course, eager to counting the days. eh? 

So now i can freely feel the nervous-ness. I can think about counting the days, the dress, the goody bags, yaa daa yaa daaa. Seriously, so much things to do. I have 900 jars waiting to be filled. hewhewhew. I have a small messy room to be cleaned and etc -_- 
and now i have to do it alone, i wish i have the ladies here.*tapi semua tinggal jauh2 -_-
Luckily i have ili huda to help me with this and that, and not to be forgotten, my mum who really plays an important role for my big day. As if it is her day :P

InsyaAllah, going to update again later.
take care brothers and sisters :)

Everybody has their own past, but dont judge a people by their past.
Let it go, look for the future, and how much they've changed.


Azwa Mohd Fauzi said...

ttbe jumpe gambar paah kat sini, rindu! (':

*goodluck sayang for your weeding! may Allah bless you and hafiz (:

Areen The Monster said...

selamat tinggal gombak.
hi kuantan in 2 weeks time *kot

Nur Eida Sazali said...

bila nak update pasal kawen ni? kawen tak habaq!