Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rule of relationship

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

No one wants to be treated like a rubbish. Something that is for sure.

Dont betray, cause betrayal is painful.
Dont break promises, cause breaking promises is one of the sign of Munafiq.
Dont tell lies, cause a small lie will create another big LIES, then everything will be a lie.

These are some of it.

Just, dont make people feel what you, yourself dont wanna feel. The feeling of being betrayed, its unbearable, the feeling when someone broke promise that they made to you, it is a big, deep, disappointment. and the feeling when you discover the truth, its just make your whole world goes wrong.

and to make it worst, its when the person is the person who you trust the most, and the person who you love, and important to you. no matter what connection between you and him/her, either friendship, parents-children, husband-wife, it will just give you a very bad feeling.

The love, affection itself, when dealing with heart, and emotion matters. is hard to handle.

Lagi kita sayang, lagi kita akan terluka when those people treat us badly.
Tapi kalau they are just someone that is not important in our life, it wont give you such feeling.
Its a hakikat.

Dont play with LOVE, it has a seriously big effect.

But one thing for sure, be nice with the people around you, and InsyaAllah, Allah will be nice to you.
Hablumminallah, hablumminannas. Janji Allah. 

Sama penting, sama besar tanggungjawabnya.

Just treat people the way you want yourself to be treated. 

I'm not feeling really well these days. I get fever, flu, and cough for more than one week. There's no sign that i'm gonna be okay dalam masa terdekat. Kifarah dosa. Husnuzon~ Husnuzon~ Maybe its because i didnt take any medicine and refuse to see the doctor -_-

Oh, and yes, i cant tolerate those three things. Betrayal, breaking promises and telling lies.
when i'm trying my best to avoid those three, i'm hoping the other party will do the same. easy. kan?
Give and take. dan adil di situ.

Take care readers. Ramadhan Kareem.
Assalamualaikum :)

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