Monday, June 25, 2012


My heart was captured by this,

He always there, never once leave our side

Yes, Allah sentiasa ada. Tak pernah sekali pun berganjak.kan?
So we are never alone. Never :)

Sometimes, i feel tired when people keep questioning my decision. Or to be exact, to think negatively about me.

When there's a halal way to love someone, why hesitate to choose that path.
Allah shows me the best way, blissful way and a very beautiful way, to love someone.

And you know, Allah has promise everything.
EVERYTHING when you choose this blessed way.

Berkahwin itu kerana Allah, untuk mendapat redha Allah.

Marriage, its need more than just 'love' , remember?

Yet, it is a really long way to go, anything can happen, but do pray for us.

Distance has separate us too much far away. With a very long duration. Without any connection. Just two hearts connecting each other with the same feeling. Sharing the same Dua'. 
with this, through Dua' we communicate. 

Lets see, how far fate will fare us better :)
If we were meant to be, we will. Allah never lies. Allah is The Great Planner. Remember?

" Human can only plan, but Allah decides "


chocolate.indulgences said...

jangan lupa jemput ye doktor :D

Nurhayati Alias said...

sy sokong keputusan anda!!! hehe :)
jgn lupa jemput kwn2. xD

mira mohamed said...

kak husna~~ nak jumpa akak. now i'm at uia :) kahwin t jemput kite eh :D