Monday, February 6, 2012

New vs old

Friendship. vanue = Klang

Assalam and a very good beautiful night readers.

Its been long since my last update. I went to Klang, to actaully settle up my bank cards and IC. After all, i didnt manage to make my new BSN card :( due to the bank book wasnt with me.

I went to JJ Klang's maybank to renew my card, alhamdulillah. Allah permudahkan sgl hal, xde lah ramai sgt org, tpi sempat la muncung panjang sementara tunggu turn -_-

As my purse was stolen, i decided to buy a new one. See, the matured me become immatured one.

Tropicana Life Girl
The price is much much much cheaper than the old one

The purse that he chose for me.
How i wish you to come back dear purse :(
* abaikan hp

So we spent 2 days and 0ne night at Klang, going here and there, spending money on this and that. Xpadan dgn duit kene curik. Nasib ade kakak bagi duit untuk beli itu ini. My sister was so busy preparing for her new house, so we've been dragged too into her busy-ness.

On Friday, we went out at 7:00 am in the morning and only get back hommie 8:00pm. Penat tawaf JJ Bukit Tinggi sementara kakak uruskan hal rumah. Rsnye blh tnye kitorg berapa besar JJ tuh *hiperbola -_-

Alhamdulillah, settled with everything except BSN card, Thank you Ya Rabb permudahkan :)
Dgn ade nye peneman setia dan penghantar sana sini.

This is so called distance,
Incik seafarer has started sailing. and i was clueless, until has such a bad emotional disorder. Everything is annoying in my eyes. Left me with teary eyes.
How i wish you are here.

But i do believe,
Distance, lets us prepare ourselves to be better. InsyaAllah. a better husband, a better wife for the future. Which few months ahead.

May Allah strengthen this Jodoh, till jannah :)

if we arent mean to be tgther, there's also hikmah behind it. i believe.

It aint easy, to actually 'losing' the person that you always have everyday for over 3months. I have no choice rather than be strong.

i will wait for you,bubu.

deep sigh*


wina said...

awakkkkk!! the b.u.m-mer watch..:D is that yours?..i got one with me..hheehe...

be careful kay husna..wina pn kene jaga purse baik2 lpas ni.=)

untoldhistory said...

kakak kite rindu lettew kat incik. he he he!

btw, comle gila purse baru. immature. lol.abaikan immature.yg penting cute