Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why do i..

Why do i found blogging is less interesting lately?

I just cant understand myself. either to delete this blog or to make it private. nahhh!

maybe there will be alot of story to share after entering UIA back, but maybe nahhh! last semester in UIA, will be having an interview for my degree ahead( i-need-to-struggle ), will having EAP so-called-assignment. Korea time with roommate. Shopping time with roommate. Sleep with books alone,So where do I find time to keep update this lame blog?

p/s: you'll have time husna. trust me. you always have time with your blog.HAHA

Assalam Readers,

Am packing up my things now. and i found, this 'job' is irritating and above all, it gives me headache. Where is my socks? where is my matric card? where is my notebook? where is my mechanical pencil? aaaah~ why do they hiding from me? i just cant understand this, or maybe my little aaron darwish took it all away -_-

i just cant live without my green mechanical pencil. wuwuwu. come to mama please, babyy :)

my room is a little bit messy right now. with baju kurung all over the place.the most pathetic part is, i dont know where to start and what should i do now.

What should i bring? thinking of mengurangkan bilangan baju yang bakal dibawa.

Abah sokmo kata, setiap kali nak balik UIA neh, ' ni nak pindah berapa puluh tahun? ' The bonnet is fulled with my luggage and sometime, merebak kedepan2, dengan kipas nye lah, iron nye lah, bakul nye lah, baldi nye lah.

Back to the serious me,

the last semester as asasian would be tougher than before. i bet it is, with Biology as the core subject, (i-hate-biology) tetapi, boleh jadi sesuatu yang kamu tidak suka itu adalah baik utk kamu, and i hold to this, InsyaAllah, will struggle my best with this subject.

and second biggest challenge for Medic students is the interview. This interview will actually determine the course that you will take as a degree student. A bit afraid i guess, as the interviewers are the real doctors and professors.
InsyaAllah, may Allah makes this easy for us :) amin.

Am looking forward to meet the girls. I miss them badly, seriously. Another gift from Allah, friends.

Pray for me peeps.

Moga hati,jiwa dan minda bersedia untuk menuntut ilmu semula. InsyaAllah. Fisabilillah.

" Bersungguh-sungguhlah terhadap apa yang memanfaatkan kamu. Mohonlah bantuan Allah dan janganlah merasa lemah "
- Hadis Riwayat Muslim


wina said...

you can do it husna..=) just pass th intrview and everything's gnna be easy sooner.

great minds talk=)
ur brilliant and just go for it..

Amira Atiqah said...

goodluck for interview k.

kirim salam semua.
wahh best baca entry ni, rasa macam nak je g uia. huhu :)

Amierah Nabillah said...

good luck dear! :D semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan & dapat lepas the interview :D

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