Sunday, January 22, 2012

One step closer

Assalam and a very beautiful night readers.

Its been a very long pause since my last update. Yes, without no mercy, the schedule was so pack. Time just cant let me be alone. Teheee. But Alhamdulillah, i still able to live a happy life within this busyness

This-is-so-not-me when i didnt upload my semester's pictures. So here we go,

My very first semester-long-lost classmates.
Fyi, i'm in my last sem. semester 4.
My classmates keep changing.
Once i meet them, then the another sem, there are gone like wind.

This is my English for Academic Purpose group-mate.
EAP is just giving me a bad headache.
Basically, this subject is made to make us familiar with the thesis-made-project.
I might choose BREAST CANCER as my thesis research topic.

For the very first time, we decided to take group pictures.
Even the classmate keep changing, we agreed to have some memories.
HAHA. Oh, this is the so-called-prop.
I look like an unmatured-a-doctor-to-be.
and who said a doctor-must-have-character = nerd(?)
I personally refuse to be one, even sometime i might act like that. hihi.

Thursday, officially hommie. On this earth, there's no other place like home. Seriously.

A mother-daughter's day out :)
We secretly plan and go shopping for my dad's birthday present.
After (sharing is caring) with incik seafarer, I bought my dad a new Bonia t-shirt.
and unfortunately, it was small.
Never knew that after over 30 years sharing life together, my mum wasnt able to predict her husband's t-shirt size. HAHA. joking. (Itu ayat abah)

I found this little nephew or mine is growing up taller.
Harith Haiyyan

One step closer :)

Act, i went to a Kursus for two days. and seriously, this was the thing that made my weekend packed.

Kak Laila, me, Kak Yaya and Ros :)

Having a sweet memories with them. Kak Laila will be having her wedding on this August, and Kak Yaya during June and the earliest is Ros on this incoming May, and oh! Ros is one year older than me. and me, undefined. HAHA

I gained precious knowledge and it was unexplained. To be exposed with the reality of our life make me think even deeper, where do i walk to, what is life actually mean, and to the most basic, what marriage actually means. ( I talked like am going to get married tomorrow ) Kidding.

The youngest participant is eight teen years old. which mean, two years younger than me. I dont know whether she went there just to have the Sijil or she really going to build a masjid. I have no idea about that. But maybe because the fee will increase to 150RM for the next year. HAHA. and and and one of the specialties of this certificate is, it last for a whole life. So, its not a loss to spend your precious weekend for it. as lambat atau cepat, korang guna jugak benda ni nanti :3

meow :3

Perkahwinan itu bukan sahaja jalan menghalalkan apa yang haram,
tetapi, perkahwinan itu adalah untuk mendapatkan redha dari-Nya.

"Kalaulah aku boleh memerintahkan seseorang supaya sujud kepada seseorang, sudah pasti aku perintahkan seorang isteri supaya sujud kepada suaminya" -Riwayat al-Tirmizi

I have EAP project to be done, and tutorial 2 Biology to be downloaded from our CFS IIUM e-learning site. and Alhamdulillah. am done with Math's tutorial.

See, how busy you are, never ever let it make you lost your priority. And yes, my priority is my study. But, can you imagine. what kind of doctor it is when she has no interest in biology? HAHA. i was, but not 'i am' . Alhamdulillah.

Believe peeps, and have faith,

Human can only planned, and Allah, it is He, who decide it.
Segala apa yang kita rancang itu, hanya Allah yang punya kuasa untuk biarkan ia terjadi, kerana Dia Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat hamba-Nya.

So dont live arrogantly on this earth.
always remember, what goes around comes around.

.. and for He knows everything, that you may not.

You will be fated just like how you treat people around you.Trust me#


Anonymous said...

haha. so funny when i see ur pic while taking kursus kawen tuh, i feel like my adrenaline level increases. kui3. aaaa...x caye lagi..kawan yg org dok panggil 'kecik' is getting married soonnn...waaaaa...nk g kursus kawen jugak! kewkewkew *gelak gatal..XD

xox Faiqah xox said...

eh, gi kursus kahwin ek? tahniah.. nnti2 nk wat majlis tu jgn lupa jmput kita tau.. hehe

untoldhistory said...

hai sister! (sis kan? :D)
yes yes sebab nampak ur blog byk pasal uia lah, interested nak gang!
konon lah dpt masuk UIA one day(":

Herlisyatt said...

haha. am 20 btw. sister lah kot.
meh meh meh
masuk UIA
UIA the best :P

jadik gang, day!