Friday, December 2, 2011


This post is kinda . . .
I never post something like this before -_-

Only for this time readers.
To show him, how grateful i am to have him :)

A brother, a friend, a bestfriend, a seafarer and above all, love.

Mamak yang sedang tersenyum lebar ^_^

Thank you for everything.
I may never let you know, but, for everything that you've done for me,
Thankyou HafizZulkhanain.

May fate fares us better.

Mamak, do take care, coz i always care :)

For being such a good listener, and a good fighting partner -_- ,
I owe you much.

For the patience and love that you have for me ,
I'm glad that i finally found you.

But for the very long journey ahead, i hope we'll always be tough.
Through so many obstacles, thick and thin.
I hope we'll always be strong.

and do remember, there's something stronger than our own desire, Allah's fate ;)

Human can only plan, but Allah will decide.
:3 meoww~

Thankyou ;')


I dont need a handsome face, but only a heart that can sure, loving me till the end. But i do always remember, Allah's fate is stronger. So i lay everything on Him, may He bring us, to the happiness that far better than we've imagine. I do believe.

I'm only a typical girl readers.
I hope you can understand.
The sense of appreciating someone, i'm practicing it now :)

Gua malas nak cakap banyak.
Gua tahu lu tersenyum lebarrr sgt masa bc neh.
Awek lu mmg incredible and awesome :P


AfiqahDiyanahJohari said...

haha. yg part 'gua' tu GANAS gila. :) insyaAllah, berkekalan. jgn lupa jaga hubungan dgn Allah.

marzita amin said...

sahabat saya ni dilamun centa laaa <3

chep said...

Allah is very important afiqah:)..insyaallah,will always do

xox Faiqah xox said...

wawawa.. so happy for you, sis ^_^

j.i.r.o. said...

wuu wuu untunglah :D

j.i.r.o. said...

wuu wuu untunglah :D

pemuzik jalanan said...

untunglaaaa dah berpunya akhirnya. Moga panjang jodoh. Jaga diri ye awak :) banyak dugaan. Darah muda, sekadar mengingatkan. Take caree!

chep said...

ouch pemuzik jalanan:)..
its okay,thanks for the advice..insyaallah:)

Herlisyatt said...

Thank you guys.
for the wishes and advises

may Allah make this ease.
and may this last forever