Friday, December 9, 2011


Hye peeps. seriously, i dont really have any idea to update this blog. my life become so and even more uninteresting. i dont know y, maybe its myself that make my life full of boredom or what. idontknow.

Kenapa kadang2 hati kita jahat? yeah. you know. sometimes, hati kita akan punya rasa hasad terhadap kelebihan, kebahagian orang lain. Nauzubillah.

Precisely, when we are hurted, we wished for that particular person happiness to be taken back by Him. We feel like, its unfair, we are suffering, but that person is happy and the happiness that they get is the price of our sadness now.

Its like, He's removing the happiness that originally ours to that person. and we left with nothing. Totally nothing.

Dan tika itu, syaitan menghembus2 dan membisik2 kan kata2 jahat, dan kita cuma manusia biasa, yang kadang kala hilang pertimbangan.

yes, i do admit that i've been in this situation.

Where, to some extent, i wish, i wish that person will suffer more than i was. and i wish the person will never be able to find the glory of true happiness.

But i've forgot, the door of happiness isnt only one. bahkan terlalu banyak. cuma mata kasar tidak mampu melihat. dan hati yang dikaburi rasa marah membutakan jiwa.

and above all, Allah knows the best.

Everything happen for a reason,

He removed the happiness, the fake happiness that i had because He wanna replaces it with something better. Its just a matter of time to actually experience it. I just have to wait. and wait.

When something happen to you, something that might has hurt you badly and cause you to dwell in it in a long time, remember, everything depends on ourselves.

You, yourself should decide whether to move on or not. you, yourself should choose to forgive,forget and carry on with your life or just give a long pause that will actually make yourself in pain even more longer.

and the most important thing, happiness is everything that you have in your life. a happy family is a happiness, friends that always by your side is a happiness, the success that you've as a person is also a happiness. Dont narrow the means of happiness.

Just be grateful with what ever that you have.

and always remember, everything on this Dunya is not permanent. Its only something that Allah lend to us, as a test for us. so He would know, we will be grateful or in reverse.


Anonymous said...

trimas syg..
baru je rase ape yg awk ckp..
yupp. kite mnusia biase je..
tapi kne laa slalu reflect diri..
sbb ape yg Allah tntukan tu akan ade hikmahnye akan dtg..thnx!
tc =D <3

istadartiah shamsudin said...

so true. hihi.
everything on this earth is fana'.
its up to us actually. <3

Benrauf said...

Things happen for reason. If the egg is broken, make sure we make a good omelet from it.

Amierah Nabillah said...

such lovely words :') can't deny that. semua perkara ada hikmahnya :))) sometimes what we want isn't what we need, and what we need isn't what we want. have a nice day dear! :)