Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sick and mummy

Assalam and a very good evening readers :)

I've nothing to do here. Just wake up early in the morning,do some chores, and then on9 while waiting my parents to come home, and then on9 again or watching movies, and then went out for lunch or dinner,
at night, 0n9 and then sweet dreams ( having a serious sweet moment at Jeju island )

This is Herlisyatt's productive life.

Now i have a seriously big problem, I THINK AM GETTING FATTER -__-

Yesterday i ate non-stop.
Morning - 1 bowl of mee sup
Lunch - Mummy's cooking
Evening - Mummy's cooking
Night - one Snickers bar
Midnight - Mummy's cooking
* ni xtambah lagi side dish bagai -_-

See, and then i end up suffering seriously bad stomachache.
I woke up 6:00 am in the morning, performing subuh prayer.

and then suddenly i feel sharp pain in my stomach. Isnt a common one, a seriously different from the usual one.
it isnt the period pain or what, but sakitlah.

So i went to my mummy's room, when i am sick, and unable to endure it, i'll look for my mum
Mummy's daughter huh?
* yes i am. my mum, my world, my everything, biggest gift that Allah gave. alhamdulillah

Mak tgh subuh kot, aku da terlantar atas katil.
after that, she started to talk with me.
what happen, yada yada

One fact : when i am seriously sick, i tend to close my eyes, and when people talk with me,i'll give you no response.

dalam hati ; biyanae yah ma. seriously, not able to speak. sakit woo.

So, when mummy put some medicine on my stomach i was like "...."
Drawn into the sickness until i keep silencing.

It was seriously painful. Tunggu nak menitis air mata jah.

Mummy keep massaging my stomach until i fall asleep in her room. teheeee.
am nineteen years old peeps and i still sleep in my parents bedroom :') booooyahh!

This is the result when you eat non-stop and when you mix everything while you eat.

So, DONT eat TOO much peeps. and, do have a fix eating time. that will be better :')

bytheway, if you still have your mother, do appreciate them, do love them, do care about them.
I strongly believe, every mother will do the same like my mum did whenever her children get sick.

a mother's instinct ; her children is her everything . teheeee :')

Thank you ma ! sarang hae yoo. always, forever, eternity.

p/s : i bought a long dress on9, and surprisingly, it is seriously fit dekat punggung. Apekah maksudnya itu? malas nak fikir. *tak boleh terima kenyataan

Hey you, its been four days.
Tak nak balik sudah, duk tengah2 laut lama2.
* my cute way telling you ; hey! i miss you

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siyes awak sgt comel!haha..:D