Sunday, September 25, 2011

Been a really long time

Its been a really long time since my last update. Thinking about to just private or delete this blog.
am not in the mood of blogging for the past few days.

But today, something happen and making me feel like, okay, lets update this blog.

Final is on this Monday. starting doing my countdown from last monday.
To be honest, its nerve breaking.

To actually realize your carry mark for one subject isnt really good like you always get is a little bit make me depressed.
But a person once told me, not every time we will be on the top, sometime we just have to be at the lowest, so we would be able to appreciate and not to feel pride when having those great moment ( basically when you are at top )

and to look at not a really thick book but printed in landscap and the paper is divided by two and full of printed small fonts and you have to memorize and finish all make you feel seriously sick.
( too much and i guess )

Its 12:07 am here, and am not sleepy yet.
With both ears sucked with earphone, its enough to make me dwell in my own world.

Heart isnt feel really good.
Never knew it would feel this way, but it isnt really good.

Feeling guilty over a person, and the feeling of sad about something mixed up to become an ultimate one make you feel ' damn you dear feeling, go away! '

What i'm trying to do now is, trying to focus on this seriously long-to-be-remembered formulas.

Dont be distracted husna.

at least i know something and stop hoping ;')

Dear heart, its because you are too loyal thats why you need to be extra carefull in falling for someone.

Think positive fatinhusna, you know yourself.

Its decreasing in quantity, so now, lets just wash it all away. Throw it all away.

Btq's points on how to change yourself
1) self struggle.
2) ready to change.

Lets do it.

Aku okay ;') saya gagah perkasa.

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