Saturday, July 16, 2011


Salam and a very good morning peeps.
Its around 1:40 am here. and i am not on my bed yet. something rare to see -.-'
Today i went to icity. accompanied by roommates and classmate.

Not as fun as i thought. but so far. going there, its worth it.
Bajet nak rasa kat korea kejap :P hihi.
We went there around 11:30 am in the morning and successfully menjadi anak dara yang baik dengan pulang ke UIA before pukul 7 ^.^ bangga!

I was totally tired and yeay.had took a nap around 1 hour just now
Bangun je, terus bukak buku fizik. Quizes are next week. Chem on monday and physic on tuesday. ohhsemmm!
-.-' see, we still have time to go here and there.

Snowalk, the temperature is 0 dgree celcius. Sejuk gila! Masuk keluar 3 kali sampai beku2 satu badan -.-'

Here are some pictures. some. we catched almost 200++ pictures today.
Xkan nak upload sume kan. nnti nak nunggu page loading satu hal. :P

Snowalk :)
Act, kami berempat je yg ade time tuh.
Oh. snowalk aku yang punya ^_^

Roommates :)
Ok. roommates aku memang tinggi -_-'
hihi. xpe.
one word, glad
i am not handicap.

i am me :)

Lina :)

It was seriously cold over there -.-'

Thank you adik tolong tangkap gambar :)
These are doctors-to-be peeps.
InsyaAllah. moga Dia permudahkan segalanya.

See, how cute i am :P
Somehow the pictures are really great when outside the snowalk.
Inside, blur -.-'

Farah syuhada :)

Them :)

It was slippery. I fell almost 10 times :(


One word for every questions, sisterhood

Done with snowalk.

Today is UPU result.
As i'm running away, no one knows my new no. and seriously i feel bad.
What kind of friend i am if didnt even care about my friends' result. How i miss all of them
So i called fifi, and alhamdulillah she gets Uitm johor for IT course. and ili get mechanical engine in Utem and Tirah get the opportunity to go to indonesia taking medic. Alhamdulillah.

Countdown - 9 days before mid sem

trust yourself, that way, other will trust you.
glad with everything that you have, that way, you'll feel, that you are completely complete.

When you change yourself for someone, its isnt love, its compromise - Mohabbatein

Done, let us continues with physics :)
-saya sebenarnya tak boleh jawab soalan electric field. hihi.

Take care peeps.


Anonymous said...


sgt jeles woo..hehe..

sy b'panas2 kt sni..awk kt sne siap pkai bubble lgik..err sy yg rimas ase...hehe..

btw, gud luck exam..:)

eida sazali said...

kat ne tu weh?