Monday, March 21, 2011

I said no

Second rejection.

it will be tough for him, but its tougher for me.

i spill it out here.

what should i do if my heart belong to someone else?
yes, that someone that will never be mine
i realize it from the start but thats not the matter now.

if i say yes, then what it would be?

will the relation make up from sympathy last forever?

at least i'm being fair, towards him, towards myself.

okay, the one who should be blamed is myself,
act like i didnt know every time he tried to confess
act like i didnt realize every hint that he gave

amik kau.
' i like you, and this for second time, jgn mengelak lagi blh x? '

cool gila ayat, aku yg baca, hmphh * tertelan air liur.

hmph, aku nak gak jadi cool, segak semua an

the answer that he asked been answered
* cakap jelah awak fobia cik husna.

the coolest way, if i could say here.
hihi -.-

hey, we r going 20, surely you'll find someone better
its just you didnt meet yet that one. that one.

*nyesal jap!! hihi.
bukan kau
cantik, hot, cun, cute, lawa sgt punn cik husna yg pergi reject tu

"weyh, kau tunggu aku boleh?"

xkan nak cakap macam tu kan.

that person.
kalau blh nak cakap mcm ni.
' saya rindu awak '


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...

whoever he is,
frust kot.
2nd time.


dah nak 20 kan kite.

tahun terakher bergelar teen.
19. belas belas terakher~

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...


awk, he's a doctor to be kot



patut just say yes and learn to love him kan


gila. xde keje aku nak pupuk pupuk perasaan


dah tua dah masing2
OMG. no more teen!

amira syuhada said...

alaaa rugi laa kenapa awak tak try je..myb dia ment to be with you ke huu..takpaa laa ada jodoh ada laa :) no worry yaa.. Tapi,kenapa awak reject dia! -.- sy pulak frust huhu

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

hhahah syud syg
xde perasaan

mcm mn nak accept

i dont wanna hurt him syg

he's just to good to be with me :)