Friday, March 11, 2011


I've to go there.
I hate to be there.
I hate to remember everything.
I can remember, years ago, twice i had been there.
For one reason.
Yeah, that reason.

My sister is sick.
She's miscarriage * i think so.
So she needs me, to help her.
She had helped me once, bring me there, sending me, fetch me.

No matter how hate i am to be there.
No matter how heart broken i would be, i have to go there again.
For my sister.

I dont wanna see that pictures of memories again.
It hurt badly.
I dont think i would be able to stand it

Help me Ya Allah. i need tremendous strength from You. I need it so badly.

* wiping tears, off.

i would agree, if you say, that i am sick.

yes, i am sick.

i am tired to be tired with everything.

dont say i am strong, when obviously, i am not.
i hate to hear it

dont ask me, where i throw myself.
as myself, dont know where is it.

you ruin, you destroy everything. thank you.


♫ ♥ farah ada ♫ ♥ said...


uhuhu. take care everything oke, dr.husna.
erk. dah jadik dokter ong pulak dah.

hmmm. pernah dgr tak.
kalau kite ade fobia,
hanya satu cara nak hilangkan fobia tu,
by facing it.

mungkin, itu satu cara tuk overcome all this mess. huhuhu

good luck.

❤zulaikha.afifah❤ said...

anything just text me kay . kuat sayang kuat . cuba ! :)