Monday, February 7, 2011

I could smile

Yes, i could smile now.
Even things are getting tougher.

Exam schedule has been printed
This going to be a really really really tough weeks for me

14/2 - Understanding Islam
16/2 - Arab
18/2 - Computer
21/2 - Chemistry
24/2 - Biology

InsyaAllah. i will do my best

Dunia ni sgt kecikkan
Jauh mana pun kita lari
Jauh mana pun kita nak menjauhkan diri
Tp still, bnda or orang yg kita nak elakkan semakin dekat

Sebab tu, instead of running away
We should try to accept everything that been written down
Its what we call qadha and qadar
I'm trying my best to accept the fate that been written by Allah
Everything happen with His will

The far i run away from the fate, the closer it comes
Its make me barely able to breathe

I guess,
He really wants me to face everything rather than trying to lie to myself
He knows that i am stronger than this
And He knows that i would be able to face this
cause He is Allah the Almighty
He knows everything even its hidden

Its not easy and its not hard
But i should do some effort to accept :)

Shall i compare thee to a summer's day
Thou art more lovely and more temperate

* missing 2009

Putting the catalyst in the reaction,
will increase the rate of reaction
Increasing the temperature,
The rate of effective collision between particles increases,
thus, increases in the rate of reaction too

So, i need those, catalyst and increase in temperature now

I hope will find it soon :)

Chemistry, your beauty come next with biology


* that person, i'm struggling my best to forgive and forget


❤zulaikha.afifah❤ said...

forgive and forget :)

FatinHusnaKamaruddin said...

yes forgive and forget, thats the base now