Sunday, February 13, 2011

3am and strength

I slept 3 am almost everyday

I hope this and that will be worth it.

But, yes Allah knows everything the best for His slaves

All this time what did i do is study study and study

and in the same time, steal some time to tell myself to accept the thing that i've been avoid so long

I kinda try my best to accept everything

The fact, the truth, the pain
That i refuse to even think about it

Yes, that person is no longer mine
Yes, that person had go away
and yes, i should keep moving on
yes, i could do and face everything by myself
i tell myself to be strong
i tell myself to not to wait for that person anymore
i tell myself to live with the fact
i tell myself to let him go
i tell myself that everything happen for a reason and if i keep refusing and giving myself illusion of the presence of that person, it will be much harder for me soon

This is definitely tough

but i should do this now, or else, the pain wont go away
or else, i will always be waiting for that person to come back

yes, i'm giving up on that person that i thought to be my love

this what i should do long time ago

i think, i've gain some strength to let myself to face the reality

dont run husna, or else, things will be harder

*wiping tears :')

guys,pray for understanding islam paper is tomorrow. i hope i could do it well

i wont be able to post a post per day like those days. i used almost my time in a day facing the book. ah, n yes, its kinda boring.
still get kinda entertainment by dancing NU ABO, gee, oh! with my roomates

can u imagine what kind of doctors we will be?

tell yourself to change, or else, nothing will be changed


trouble-maker said...

good luck in everything you do,dear.:)
be tough bcz Allah always there for us.
I might be the shoulder to u to rely on.:) insyaAllah.

❤zulaikha.afifah❤ said...

rindu awak :)